Wardr0be update


First and foremost, I got this beautiful embroidered bomber (my first ever) by the brand Romeo + Juliet and the tag says $175 but since it was at T.J.Maxx it was only $16.99 what a steal! 

Next, two dressier dresses. Both appropriate for Easter with modest silhouettes and floral designs. The navy one on the left is from H&M. The one on the right is by Candie’s from Kohl’s.

Of course, some more casual dresses. As you can see, I’m very into flowery things. The yellow one on the left is from Forever 21 and I’ve worn it every nice day we’ve had so far this spring (a lot). The one on the right is a vintage gem I found in a shop downtown.

Big collage of some clothes I’ve purchased recently, including (from top left square across and down) a long sleeve-lace front top by PINK from Victoria’s Secret, a navy and white striped tee by Mossimo from Target, a pair of skinny jeans by &Denim, Adidas tee, graphic “pure metal stay bold” tee by Divided from H&M, short sleeve-lace front top by Live to be Spoiled, an olive tank with embellished neckline by Mudd from Kohl’s, a half-turtleneck quarter sleeve top by the brand So, distressed denim hot pants from H&M, vintage random-patterned comfiest pullover ever, mint pullover by Divided, and a pair of high-waisted faded denim skinnies by Mudd.

Finally, (again in the same order) I got these insanely comfortable and stylish high-waisted thin khaki slacks from H&M (they were the most expensive thing I got from there, but I HAD to have them once I tried them on! They tie at the top and look so chic with a tee shirt or tank tucked in, but I’m also excited to see if I can pull off wearing them over my bathing suit this summer.), my first ever sun hat by Nicole Marciano from T.J.Maxx, a corrugated/ribbed cut-out shoulder top by Jolie Vie, vintage tribal patterned skirt, olive pencil skirt with slit and classic trench coat from Forever 21, long-sleeve striped button-up with floral embroidery by Blue Rain, long-sleeve floral button-up by So, pink tee by Mossimo, lightweight pullover by Cloud Chaser, flowy navy Capri pants (no, that’s not a skirt) with white and yellow designs by Exhilaration, yellow pocket tee by Mossimo, and white braided criss-cross sandals by Sole Mates.

Let me know what you think in the comments! Any favorites?

Backstory: I’m currently in the process of redoing my entire wardrobe. I have way too many clothes, and I always have. I wanted to make sure I got new things I really liked, so it would be easier to get rid of all the stuff I no longer need. If I didn’t get anything new, I’d never be able to justify (at least in my head) getting rid of so many of my clothes because I wouldn’t be left with as much variety. Now I can finally donate/sell/throw out all the items from almost 10 years ago that I never wear anymore, but had wore to death in the past. Don’t get me wrong! This isn’t just a “I want new clothes so I’m throwing out the stuff I bought four months ago and never wear”, this is a well overdue clean sweep of my closet and dressers (I have multiple because of all the hand-me-downs over the years). I’m also grown up now and shouldn’t be doing much more growing anytime soon, my body is the size I’m comfortable with so everything I’m buying is going to be that size. I need to accept the fact that those Soffee shorts from high school really DON’T fit me anymore, etc. 

As for the fate of my beloved clothes that haven’t suffered as much over the years, would anyone be interested in a Depop if I put them up for sale? Let me know in the comments! 

3 thoughts on “Wardr0be update

  1. Ahh you have a gorgeous wardrobe, girlie!! πŸ˜πŸ’› also I’ve noticed that yellow floral dress in more recent pictures, and I absolute love how it looks on you! When I get a job (hopefully within the next year or so) I’m really hoping to do something similar to my wardrobe; get new pieces I’m in love with and be willing to donate ones I still wear but don’t like all that much. I’ve had hand-me-downs from my mom and her sisters, which I’ve much appreciated for years, but I have grown out of those styles now. xx

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    1. Thank you! I haven’t shopped in such a long time now that this post makes me so happy to look back on (: I hope you enjoy redoing your wardrobe as I did whenever you can, and definitely post all about it xoxo

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