Day 0ff


I know it’s been a bit since I posted last but I was away in PA for Easter (putting together a post all about my trip- stay tuned) and I’m just now getting settled into my spring cleaning, which includes myself. Friday I spent half the day at work and the other half going through (almost) all of my clothes to sort out my fall/winter items to pack away for now, make a pile of all the stuff I’m getting rid of (donate or Depop?), and organize all my spring/summer things into my closet and dresser. I still have a little more to do, but as accomplished as I felt after that- I know it won’t be a challenge to finish it up. 

Saturday I worked open to close (all day) then came home to do my weekly chores that night, so today I took a much needed break to “work” on me. I pretty much spent the day pampering myself. I took a long shower, painted my nails (this lovely oxblood ^), touched up my eyebrows, and eventually got to straightening my hair. 

Here’s the before of my hair ^ I did the same look as the one I detailed in my Bl0g start, except a bit softer on the lip color and for my hair I used a smoothing cream by Marc Anthony since I knew I wanted to straighten it later. 

Here’s the result ^ after an hour and 45 minutes, I finished it and my hands hurt! My hair is naturally curly and very thick, so straightening it is quite the task and requires a lot of clips.

All in all, I had a great lazy day off to tend to myself and I feel fantastic going to bed at a decent time and seeing my boyfriend in the morning! 

Goodnight (:

3 thoughts on “Day 0ff

  1. Such a fun little update post! x Ooh I love that nail color so much(: you did a fantastic job with that, and with your hair, as well! I know what you mean about your hands hurting; mine ache after taking care of my hair. But it’s totally worth it!

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