Treat y0urself


Recently I’ve been quite into makeup and skincare and just really pampering myself. Personally, I think it’s really important to treat your body right so that your mind stays just as happy and healthy. 

I’m more than excited to try out Marzia’s Natura eye palette, her second collab with the brand Winky Lux. The colors are perfect for spring/summer and seeing them really made me wanna do full eye makeup more (used to in high school, but haven’t since so it’s been a while). The gold, pink, and green shades are shimmery and the other two are matte. I was really intrigued by the green because I’ve never tried that on my eyes before (if I ever used colors, they were browns or purples). So that will definitely be the first one I dive into. I’ve never purchased anything by them in the past, but the service I received was really great (emails about the status of my order and transparency about the process in general). 


Winky Lux let me know about an issue they’d had with a few of the pigments on Marzia’s palette cracking, so they were having them all repressed. I thought it really smart of them to redo everything rather than have some people disappointed in the product. They also sent me a follow-up email regarding the high traffic they’d received after her new collab was released, so my order would be a little delayed. As compensation for these minor setbacks they sent me TWO free items! A medium diamond foundation (that I’ll try out, but probably won’t use much at all only cause I don’t use face makeup) and a glittery lip gloss that looks divine. I’m really happy with the customer contact they kept so I wasn’t waiting around wondering what was taking so long. Plus, free stuff is always appreciated. 

While on the website, I figured I might as well check to see if any of Marzia’s first collab with Winky Lux was still available and to my surprise- it was! So I also got her lip kit which included this ^ gorgeous Corallo shade which shows up such a perfect peachy nude on my lips. It’s very mature and subtle (matches extremely well to the nail polish I painted my toenails with a short while ago) compared to the next color…

I might be in love with this one. It’s called Stella Marina and it’s gorgeous! As I was painting my nails the other day, I was thinking that a certain MAC lipstick I had would go well with them, but it’s more of a dark purple. Since my nails are oxblood right now, this lip color matched so well as it’s definitely more of a deep red. It goes on very smooth, but doesn’t have too much of a wet look to it. Thankfully (cause I’ve had bad experiences before), these lipsticks didn’t dry out my lips or make them cracked or flaky. The quality is fantastic and did you see the packaging? Beautiful. 

This is everything in one pic ^ including the cute pug face bag that the lip kit came in! 

I also recieved my first Marzia’s Subscription Box a few weeks back (before I made this blog) and was blown away! I’d seen her unboxings before and finally signed up to get my own. I love the forest creatures on the outside of the “Floral” box, her quarterly box for spring 2017. It really was stuffed with goodies when I opened it though, which both surprised me and made me really excited for the next one coming this summer! It included NINE items. I received a white wire headband from her collection, a sewing kit with the forest creatures on it, flower-shaped salt and pepper shakers, a tiny primer (which I might not ever use), a single eyeshadow from her Natura palette, a microdermabrasion scrub that smells delicious, one of my favorite brands YesTo cucumber micellular water (went out and bought the full size bottle cause I use it like every day now), and another brand I love Fresh rose hydration face cream (it’s a tiny jar, but you don’t need to use a lot and it makes your skin feel so buttery smooth and silky), and finally a hair spray that you can only get at a salon that also smells incredible!

In conclusion, I’m looking forward to whatever Marzia decides to do next. Whether it’s another makeup collab or her next clothing line, I’m really digging her stuff lately. I think growing up the past year and a half or so, I’ve come into my own brand and it has a lot of the same style as hers. I still can’t bring myself to put on the full face of makeup, but I love watching the tutorials anyway. It’s really a form of art and I admire that (:

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