Life pr0gress


A lot is happening in my life right now, so I thought why not make a post about it? 

First of all, we reserved and applied for the apartment! It’s in a good location, closer to my boyfriend’s job than his family’s house was so his commute will essentially be cut in half. It’s a one-bedroom with a fireplace (wood burning) that’s on the end of a row and the top floor. Perfect. It’s also right next to the laundry facilities for our section, so even though I wish we could’ve got something with the washer/dryer hookup or even already in the unit- I’m glad we won’t have to go far to do laundry. I’m like completely sure we’ll be approved for it, but we still have to wait a day or two for them to officially say yes. The apartment we’ll be moving into was the last one-bedroom they’d have available til October! We really lucked out. We’re in the process now of figuring out what stuff we have to bring to the apartment and what stuff we’ll need to buy. I have a lot at home now that I can bring and his parents seem to be really generous with their stuff (we’ll have a couch). Our move in date is in the middle of June, but I know it’s gonna sneak up on us quick. We’re so relieved to have finally decided and found a place for us to call our home for the next 6 months to a year and maybe longer if we really enjoy it that much! It was a long time coming, but we did it and I couldn’t be more proud of us and happy to be moving in with my wonderful boyfriend. 

Secondly, I might have a job already lined up out there! I called around today to a few of the pharmacies- same company I work for now. The first two said they weren’t sure if they had any positions available for me to transfer, but they both took my name and number so I might hear something Monday from one or even both of those places. The third one I called was very excited and said they will have something soon because one of their people will be going on leave in July. PERFECT AGAIN. It’s only maybe 15 minutes from the apartment we’ll be living in. The pharmacist was so glad that someone experienced wanted to work there, she gave my information to the store manager to start the paperwork in order to initiate the transfer! It will definitely take a while in the system for the store out there to be my “home store”, but I’d still be able to work there once I move. It’s truly a blessing because the one thing I was worried about above all else was going out there without a job or applying and not hearing anything back from places for too long. I want to work and be able to support us just like my boyfriend does such an amazing job at. He works and runs his own business and is truly an inspiration to me to follow my dreams. If you work hard at something, like we did to be able to move out and live together at 20 years old- you can achieve it. 

Lastly, there’s still a ton of work to be done before we officially leave home. I still have to figure when I’m getting my wisdom teeth out. I’d rather do it close to home and I wouldn’t want to get a job out there and immediately have to take time off work. I’ll want to go into the pharmacy that I’m transferring to and speak with the pharmacist just to ask a few questions and really get the feel of their store before I jump right into it. I also need to fix anything and everything that is or could be wrong with my (crap sack) car cause I really don’t need it dying on me an hour and a half away from home. I know this post didn’t have a lot of pictures like most of my other stuff, but it was really just a journal entry to explain/share what’s going on with me these days. More info to come as we keep progressing towards moving day and then there will be LOTS of pictures! I promise (:

What’s going on with you? Comment below or send me an E-mail if it’s quite a bit like mine ^

3 thoughts on “Life pr0gress

  1. I’m so glad that the move worked out for you and Justin, Shannon! xx also I saw that you mentioned getting your wisdom teeth out … have you done that yet? I really need to soon and I’m nervous about it 😬 I also need braces but that doesn’t scare me haha

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    1. Thanks so much (: and yeah, I did. It was pretty awful recovery and I still have little craters at the back of my mouth where they removed the teeth. I had braces for a few years back in middle school which wasn’t bad at all and I love the way my teeth turned out. You’ll do great!

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