Mail call


The dirty FedEx box shown above held something very exciting, my new phone! I got the iPhone 7 in rose gold with 256gb storage (so I can take load of pictures without it telling me I’ve run out of space). This came quite a while ago, but as I mentioned in a previous post- it had to be delivered to my boyfriend’s house because our phone plan is under his name and address. But the other day, when I finally got to see him, I also got to open my new phone and restored the latest backup from my old phone onto it. This took FOREVER (because I have a ton of stuff on my old phone, filled the 64gb), but now I have this lovely pink thing with all my old pictures on it and my settings- so it’s not like starting over. I’m not huge into change… 

Here’s a few snaps of my unboxing ^ 

Next thing that arrived in the post were these spectacular prints I purchased from a UK artist on Depop of all places (he has an Etsy shop too)! I made a couple color-change requests that he had no issues with, and I think they turned out perfect. This is something I hinted at to my boyfriend since I ordered them, but it was an overall surprise. He loves them and I’m so glad. I’ll have to get frames for them now, but I’m super hype to hang them above our couch in the living room of our new place later this week! This is the artist’s Depop: @barneyrobble and Etsy shop link: you can also find his Facebook page at “Rob Porrino Design” he makes all kinds of cool digital art and prints. Working with him to get these done was quick and easy, he agreed to my changes on pictures he had already made and his pages say he’s open to requests if you don’t find any subjects you like (: 

Last but not least: Marzia‘s forest creatures merch. My boyfriend kindly purchased a few items from her newest collection about a week or so ago, and they arrived today. I was so excited and happy to open them- I couldn’t wait! I mean look at that yellow packaging lol I love it…

We got the pouch bundle with all kinds of goodies inside like pencils, buttons, and stickers. We also got the 3-pack of candles, each with their own forest creature and scent! From left to right they’re cherry, strawberry, and vanilla (: I like the cherry scent best, but the blue guy on the end is my favorite. This all also came with a free lip balm/gel by Wet n Wild! It’s a bubblegum pink color called “Tease” and it’s super silky feeling on my lips. I guess the gel means it’s like a mix between Chapstick and lip gloss. 

I’m still waiting for my custom case for my new phone to be made so they can send it out. Shouldn’t take too much longer, but I didn’t wanna wait to make this post cause then I might not have had time to post ANYTHING else before we moved. I hope you all enjoyed my mail call- let me know what you think! Do you have an online shopping addiction? Waiting for anything special to be delivered to you? 

21 thoughts on “Mail call

    1. Omg thank you! It’s my biggest purchase in a long time (the phone), but I don’t think I’ll be buying the camera I want anytime soon- so this is the next best thing. Yeah, my boyfriend is a sweetheart and jumped on her website as soon as we saw she had released the collection (:

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    1. Thank you! The camera on it is SO GOOD and I’m loving having so much storage (: can’t wait to hang the posters up, just need to find some frames. Thanks for your comment xoxo

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