M0thership calling


Almost caught up with these posts. Last week was wild even though we had so much time off cause of Justin’s birthday, we spent the days celebrating! 

I had an appointment Monday morning that didn’t take too long. We drove out to my hometown and saw my doctor. She gave me medication I had taken back in 2014 when I was really struggling with frequent migraines. They aren’t as frequent, but I had noticed the aura I get before them was inhibiting my work. I get blurry-no vision in my left eye, my left hand and sometimes my mouth go numb as well. So I’ve just been feeling a lot better knowing I can get relief from that again. She did mention something that I’m not sure why it went overlooked years ago: women with auras shouldn’t be on hormonal oral contraceptives. She also recommended I get a CT scan just to be safe. So now, I’ll have to schedule that imaging AND talk to my gynecologist about changing my birth control. I’m not too worried about the scan, but changing my birth control makes me nervous. Not because I think we can’t be safe, but because I originally started using it to regulate my obnoxious periods & symptoms. I’m just really hoping she can put me on something else (like the straight progesterone pill) that will still help in that regard. Anyways, this rant was longer than my visit… 

Justin and I hung out at my parents’ house a bit after the appointment, and I got to see my sweet kitty boys! We played around taking videos and silly snaps on the swing set at the front playground for a while. I was so excited and happy to play around with my cats for a bit cause I miss them so much. Managed to take a few pics while petting them. Later, we met up with my mom for lunch at Panera. It was a delicious meal to which she treated us- for Justin’s birthday. We had a lovely time talking and catching up (cause I hadn’t seen her in over a month). We planned a trip to the apple orchard for late October, and hopefully she’ll be able to come see our apartment before that! 

It was really just an awesome day to connect with her and spend the quality time we needed together (: 

Even later, we headed home to get Justin a suit jacket/blazer (which my dad gifted him for his birthday) for our fancy dinner on Friday. That post is coming soon, so please stick around for more birthweek fun and photos!

39 thoughts on “M0thership calling

      1. Explore the world and then make a family because as I heard from my mother, motherhood is really hard work and you won’t have time to do anything else πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  1. Oh my gosh, I just love precious kitties! So cute! I’ve actually never been to Panera Bread before. lol I love my BC pills because they really help with my period, so I definitely understand being scared to try a new kind.

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    1. Yeah, it’s just going to all be a process. I was doing okay for a while, but now it’s back into doctor’s appointments and tests. Thanks for reading through and commenting (: I hope you get to go to Panera soon cause everything they have is super yummy!

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  2. How did your doctor not tell you that? That’s one of the FIRST things my doctor told me (I suffer from migraines and pretty painful periods and wanted to see if the pill would help). Apparently it’s pretty important too. Glad you got that sorted out lovely x

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    1. Yeah, I was really confused cause I know I was on it in 2014 when I first came to them about my auras/migraines. I’m not sure why it wasn’t mentioned unless its new information to them that wasn’t researched back then or something… it’ll just take time to get used to whatever she switches me too. Thanks for your support (:


  3. Awww matching sunnies too cute your posts make me want to get a man and few kitties lol and I thought you were “Preg” definitely fooled me sorry about those headaches I’m sure they will prescribe something more suitable

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