Living lavish


Justin & I attended our first wedding together as a couple (and as 21 year olds) this past weekend. A girl I grew up across the street from got married and announced they’re expecting! It was such a fun evening, and I’m excited to share all the snapshots we got…

The day before, we went out shopping for last-minute additions to our outfits. I got a fabulous fur coat from Forever 21, a velvet dress, and a necklace too. Justin got a sweater and nice dress shoes from Target. He looked super cute in his beanie and workshirt- I love it! We ended the chilly night on Cary street picking up a $25 Pokémon yellow version (what a steal) and grabbing teas to-go from The Tottering Teacup. I got a floral white tea and babe got his fave black (:

The morning of the day of the wedding, I did my hair (straightened) & makeup (Marzia x Winky Lux “Natura” palette). Then we ran out to Target real quick to get the lovely new couple a present and card- somehow it completely slipped my mind the night before! I also needed to exchange the tights I bought for a more sheer, brown pair instead of the much too opaque, black pair I had purchased earlier. Once we were home again, I threw on my outfit and we took some photos before hopping in the car to leave. While stopped for gas, I took a picture of my handsome man cause he looked TOO good! We were both dressed up and feelin’ ourselves (:

We arrived almost an hour before the ceremony, took some pictures in the golden hour glow, then went inside the clubhouse to wait for my mom & sister to show up. The venue was within a private neighborhood on a lake- so beautiful! We were greeted at the door by my childhood friend, and younger sister to the bride, Ally (: the wedding itself was short, but lovely. It was conducted by a United Methodist (my denomination) pastor, and both parties were crying tears of joy through their vows…

Everyone was seated in the dining hall for the reception. We watched the couple’s first dance, heard the speeches from the wedding party, and then were released to fill our plates! The meal was wonderful: two types of chicken, potatoes, broccoli, roast beef, and some delicious gravy. They also had the cutest decorations- all beauty & the beast themed which I adored cause that’s my favorite Disney princess movie (:

Justin and I were quite pleased with the open bar- we got whiskey sours to start the evening and I also got a suffering bastard which is turning into my favorite drink. No worries though, we remembered to stay well hydrated ^ we took loads of selfies and danced to the cupid shuffle with a bunch of other guests & did a solo, drunken-salsa to Despacito (:

They also had a beautiful gold cage thing for cards, a candy bar with little bags to fill with custom M&M’s and other assorted sweets, and a shimmery backdrop complete with cardboard props for photo-ops! They even had an Instax Polaroid camera and boxes of film for guests to take pics to leave or bring home with them. We did both (tried to take a picture of ours, but it was too dark/blurry). My mom & sister had to leave a bit early, so we decided to go after them. After saying our goodbyes, thank yous, and congratulations to the happy couple…we made our way back to Richmond. It was a magical night!

I had forgotten to get timed pictures of us in our outfits at home before the event, so we took them after ^ I still can’t get over how gorgeous my man is, and all dressed up & dapper is even better! I’m so lucky (:

32 thoughts on “Living lavish

    1. Thank you thank you! They had it in black, red, and a faded/baby blue color as well- but I thought the camel went best with the season and the coat (: thanks again for the nomination xoxo


  1. OMG You look absolutely amazing! I am so in love with that dress. It looks perfect on you, and I love the color too. You look so lavish, just like your title says. The jacket pairs nicely too. Forever 21 seriously has so many amazing jackets this season. I just bought two from there myself (online) and they should be arriving soon. I’ll do a blog post once they do. But I seriously saw at least 15 that I wanted, but I had to only buy 2. lol

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    1. It took me a bit to find the right one, but I’m adoring the fur coat (: I found a longer, thinner cheetah print one that screamed Janice from friends! Can’t wait to see your post- thanks so much for commenting xoxo

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