M0re merch


Some of you may remember a certain green tee shirt from my birthWEEK shenanigans that had a cute lil catchphrase across it. Keeping in lovely Idubbbz fashion, I’ve added another piece of his merch to my ever growing collection. This post will be a bunch of selfies in my new Sheep hoodie that Justin got for me as an early Christmas gift! You might recognize it from the now infamous “Jake Paul” diss track he had featured on his content cop episode which dropped on my birthday (October 3rd) this year. Without further rambling- I give you simply, a photo dump:

I love it & if you’re interested in getting one for yourself, check out Idubbbz’s Spreadshirt shop! I also got the camo Sheep tee shirt from there as well (:

13 thoughts on “M0re merch

  1. Wow! So many photos! I’ve never heard of any of that stuff or any of those people but it looks so very cozy. 😍 I’m interested in seeing the matching t-shirt!

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    1. Thanks! He’s a YouTuber that makes comedy videos and the “Sheep” brand is a play on the brand Supreme if you’ve heard of them. I’ll have the shirt in an upcoming post (: I appreciate your comment xoxo


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