L’Oréal v0xb0x + nails


I’ll be sharing my latest box from Influenster in this post. I received this for free to review! The box was way bigger than it needed to be for just the single product, but I appreciate the consistent quality of their deliveries…

The product I received in this voxbox was Elvive extraordinary oil by L’Oréal ^ my first impression is good as it’s a full size bottle and smells amazing (flower oils).

The best “before and after” pics I could get ^ This oil is essentially supposed to revive and heal hair strands. I haven’t used it religiously or too many times, but I really like the way it helps the ends of my hair not split as bad. All you have to do is pump out a few drops (depending on how much hair you have), then comb it through your wet or dry hair with your fingers. I used it exclusively on the lower half/ends of my hair and really enjoyed the result. I haven’t heat styled with it yet, but I can predict it’ll help keep my hair (or at least the ends) smooth for longer. I’m trying to use this more regularly to see if the benefits can really HEAL my strands long-term. Overall though, I love it!

Bonus: I got a new OPI polish and did my nails for the first time in a while ^ I thought it would be more of an oxblood shade, but it ended up being almost black- the twist is that in certain light, at certain angles, it has a red shimmer to it. This is the perfect “edgy” holiday color I’ve wanted. Definitely gonna be using this again soon!

If you’re interested in receiving & reviewing products for NO COST to you, check out the Influenster app. All you have to do is connect your social media platforms and start leaving reviews on everything from beauty to food, things you love or hate, and before you know it- you’ll be getting your very own Voxbox! Hope you enjoyed my insight on this L’Oréal hair oil and a quick look at my new favorite nail polish (:

Happy happy holidays*

19 thoughts on “L’Oréal v0xb0x + nails

  1. I love hair oils. They really help soften and smooth my hair. I haven’t tried this one yet. I also got this VoxBox, but they sent me the hair balm instead (which is what I was hoping for, actually). I did a blog post about it with my thoughts. The hair balm I got also smelled really good.

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    1. Yes, I really enjoy them too! I love using them on my ends when I heat-style my hair cause it hides any splitting haha I’m glad you got the one you wanted (me too). I’ll head over to your post now (: thanks so much for commenting xoxo

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  2. I got this oil, too! I’ve only used it on my ends after straightening my hair so far.
    The nail color is so pretty, you paint your nails so nicely, I could never be so neat! I have to go to the salon, lol. 😦

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    1. Did you like the way it worked on your straightened hair?
      Thanks for the compliment haha I’ve had LOTS of practice trying to make them neat. Sometimes the clean-up after is the hardest part (:

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      1. Yeah it worked nicely but I was not a fan of the smell!! It surprised me when I read that you liked it. haha. I just wrote a post about it & posted pics of my hair before & after if you wanted to see that! 🙂

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