A night 0f kisses


Just now getting around to posting New Year’s Eve pictures, but we’ve been busy starting 2018 right (:

We stayed in this year as it was our first NYE in our apartment (plus it’s a lot safer than going out anywhere).

I did however change into my new dress from H&M and shoes from Nordstrom for some quick photos! I also used the rose gold eyeliner and purple lip gloss from Marzia’s most recent subscription box ^ the dress is sparkly green, but it didn’t show up as well without flash haha I adore the neckline of it- very 90s and something I’ve always wanted on a dress (:

Babe got the Gucci shirt he wanted in the mail, and he put it on right away ^ it looks SO good on him! We snapped a few selfies together before I changed out of my dress and back into something cozy for the big strike of midnight…

We played around with the Snapchat filters for the holiday before going outside to pop the champagne! Then back in for the countdown and our first kiss of 2018 YAY (:

It was a quiet NYE and such a good one, well spent with the man of my dreams. So excited for what this year will bring…

How did you celebrate? Let me know in the comments!

24 thoughts on “A night 0f kisses

  1. Literally one of my favourite couples out there! Your dress is so freaking gorgeouss ❣️

    I spent my New Years binge-watching Haters Back Off 2 and then waking up to my laptop not turning on. It was great πŸ™‚ Haha but my mom made cake so that made up for it. πŸ˜‚

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  2. Yeah it’s always better to just get cosy and spend the evening at home. I spent New Year’s Eve in an Onesie, playing board games with my family. So much better than going out to a club, no? And I love that sweater, it looks so cosy!

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