Hideaway with Anke


This season’s subscription box from Marzia is the first quarterly box where she collaborated with an artist as part of an ongoing series this year. The artist she worked with to create this beautifully unique box is Anke Weckmann, a freelance illustrator from London! You can check out her art on her Instagram page but first, let’s see what they put in this box for the Marzipans…

The theme for this box was “Hideaway” and it makes me feel like that little nook I’d crawl into would be a treehouse with all the leaves in Anke’s art and the green products Marzia added in ^ I was super happy to see the full size dry shampoo from Amika as I was blown away by the small shampoo (from them) that I received in my last box- it smells incredible! I purchased a few more items from Amika after this that’ll be reviewed in an upcoming post. More products from an awesome brand we’ve seen in her sub boxes before: Agadir made its return with a styling gel and hair shield treatment. The special pieces Anke made for this box are so lovely! She designed the box itself of course, added in a gorgeous print, crafted a cute lil enamel pin, and threw in a tapestry to boot. All of it is so well done and fantastic, I really can’t say it enough- she’s an awesome artist!

Aaaand I can’t forget the custom washi tape Anke blessed us with ^ I received the green one (there were two designs she made) and I’m so glad cause it has this chubby pink pony that’s adorable! I used it to mark the top of some pages in my calendar/agenda book that I might actually keep up with now that I can decorate it so nicely…

The nail polish I received was “Journey” by Zoya and I had to put it on right away ^ I fell in love with this shimmery red-orange shade as soon as I pulled it from the box. Since I had to work the days after applying this, it didn’t last super long, but I was still impressed for my first time using this brand of lacquer! I took a few different pictures of my nails in this shade to show what it looked like in different lighting…

The lipstick I received in my box was “Dattero” which is a deep nude shade made in collaboration once again with my favorite beauty/makeup brand Winky Lux ^ I adore this shade as it’s a tad darker than Marzia’s “Corallo” lipstick that I purchased in the past, but still the same reliable quality! I also got these pictures in different lighting scenarios to try to better capture the subtle color of this shade…

Those green products I talked about earlier? They work as a great team before bed ^ after I’ve taken my makeup off and fully cleaned my face, I apply the water gel toner by Sunday Riley (another excellent brand back again in these boxes). One of the ingredients is marshmallow, so depending on your opinion- the smell is either good or bad haha but it’s not my fave. I can look past that because it makes my skin feel very smoothed out, and that’s when I add the superfood night cream by Elemis. This one smells of fresh herbs and feels silky on my skin. I first tried it during the day and have to say it’s a bit heavy, but works perfectly as part of my evening routine to keep my face moisturized all night long!

I can’t wait to dive deeper into this box and try out the things I haven’t had a chance to yet. I’m glad these are sent quarterly because it really takes that long to go through the tons of items you get (:

I hope you all enjoyed getting a peek at the stuff I received in my first Marzia’s box of 2018 and look forward to seeing her next artist-inspired collab in a few months!

27 thoughts on “Hideaway with Anke

  1. I’ve used the Martian from Sunday Riley and loved it! I’ve also heard great things about that dry shampoo! Such lovely items!

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    1. Oh no, I can’t even keep up with a simple calendar/agenda layout 🙈 a bullet journal would be a huge accomplishment for me! Haha maybe someday though- thanks for your kind words xoxo

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  2. Oh, that box looks fabulous! Sad to hear that the Zoya nail polish did not last long. I have tried other colors and it seems to last for over 4 days without chipping. Essie is probably the one nail polish I battle with on staying power. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I think it was because I had to work that week while wearing it- usually it stays on much better when I have days off haha appreciate your comment (: hope you have a nice Sunday as well

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  3. The box looks really pretty, and all the illustrations as well. I love how she actually puts effort into her subscription boxes. Each of them is different and beautiful. 🙂

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