Tea t0ns


Back with an update on my monthly tea subscription box with Simple Loose Leaf (: I’ve been loving every package they’ve sent so far, and I wanna keep sharing it with you all! This box is only $9 per month and you get 4 different teas each time- it’s the perfect amount to get you through 4 weeks. If you have a major fave, you can also buy teas by the ounce on their website HERE

April’s tea combo had to be my favorite so far as there wasn’t a single one I didn’t like! Justin enjoyed them all as well ^ we tried them hot and sugar-free to get the best feel for their flavor. The oolong was soft & wonderful, the hibiscus was perfectly tangy, the black was classically tasty, and the Midnight Rose is on my list of teas to get more of from their site!

May’s teas have been interesting ^ we’ve tried 3 of the 4 so far. There’s an oddball that Justin really liked, but I have to say I wouldn’t even taste the Turmeric tea haha although it didn’t have an unpleasant scent- it didn’t smell like tea. This box included a purple tea (something I had no idea even existed) which was very nice, so I might be adding that one to my shopping list as well. The Monk’s Blend is a mix of 4 black teas and it’s bold for sure! I’m excited to try the green tea as it looks gorgeous, and I’m a huge lover of Darjeeling (:


I know this isn’t tea, but Justin & I were in a spice shop a while back and found this big jar of hot chocolate mix ^ we came home to make it, and I wanted to show you all how pretty it is! I’ve never been able to SEE the sugar in other packet mixes, so this was like deluxe hot chocolate for me haha it was delicious (:

42 thoughts on “Tea t0ns

  1. Everything looks so good! I was going to buy just a small package of tea, not sure what it was, I forgot, BUT it was overly expensive here in Brunei, one pack for BND $18.00 which only last less than a week. such a turn of but looking through your post I’m tempted to try new ones!

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    1. Omg that is outrageous! You should see if Simple Loose Leaf ships to where you live (: it’s such an affordable way to get a variety of teas. I appreciate your comment xoxo

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  2. Thanks for sharing. I should have known there was tea subscription boxes, but it just never occurred to me, I guess. This one seems really cool, my bestie loves loose leaf teas, so I will have to tell her about this one.

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  3. I never used to like drinking tea, but then it started growing on me. I don’t drink it a lot, but I like to every once in a while. I like trying the different kinds/flavors.

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    1. This would be perfect for you! They give you a small packet of 4 different teas each month, so you could try a whole bunch of them and not have too much leftover since you don’t drink it often (: thanks for your comment

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  4. Look at you guys being all cute and British with your tea 😉 also girl I see you subbing my YouTube and I’m LOVING you for it and just loving you in general ♥️

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  5. Loved this post! Never heard of a tea subscription but sounds great. I’m addicted to tea, I drink regular tea daily but I’ve never tried anything like this! ❤

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