Museum musing


We took my mom to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts! Here’s what else we did that day and the pieces I thought were blog-worthy…

First stop: FOOD ^ mama wanted pizza so we went to Mellow Mushroom! I only got the hummus with pita and a rum & coke cause I wasn’t super hungry. Justin and mom split a pizza and we were all too full for dessert. On the walk back to the car, we popped into a bike shop that had the CUTEST lil doggo hanging out in the back! Mom got herself a new helmet and light for her bike- safety first since she likes to ride on the road (:

We drove the 2 seconds over to the museum and found parking on the street really close ^ it was an overcast day, but the temperature was actually tolerable! I was going to wear my striped trousers from Urban, but instead opted for my new Linee pants by Marzia. They’re the same cut as the previous collection but a more breathable material- I love all of her stuff haha I paired them with a top from Urban and some random brown sandals. I also brought along my Kate Spade backpack (:

Lots of stripes in this museum ^ I kept saying I should’ve worn my other pants to match haha Justin looked so fresh with his haircut and chartreuse shirt. I made him pose like the painting…

I did find a painting that had the same pale pink and navy shades as my Linee pants ^ even though the picture makes it look totally nude-colored behind me lol we enjoyed all of the lovely pigments and finding a few weird sculptures…

The last thing we saw inside was some gorgeous stained glass and a few more sculptures ^ then we took it outside to see the gardens around the back of the building. The water was beautiful, but we were all too beat to hang around much longer. It wasn’t possible to see the entire museum in one day let alone a few short hours. We took the longer way, but headed back to the car for home (:

Quick lil stop at Wawa for a mustard donut ^ totally kidding! It was just yellow frosting and it was super yummy. Then mom showed us a bunch of pictures on her laptop of the mission trip to Guatemala that she had just got back from. It was truly amazing the things they saw and did down there, she said she definitely wants to go again next year. She gave me a handmade backpack and a business card holder for Justin, though she said she has more gifts for us that she’s holding til Christmas haha then we said our goodbyes!

What’s your favorite place to hang out with family? Let me know in the comments (:

37 thoughts on “Museum musing

  1. We go to art galleries with my classmates all the time, unfortunatelly, we don’t really understand majority of the artworks.. 😅 Sometimes art you find on the streets is far more interesting than the one in galleries 😁

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  2. Love the outfit! The pants are sooo nice, I hope mertz doesn’t stop designing her own line of clothing! And what a lovely day with Justin! (:

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  3. The museum looks so beautiful! I love your outfit, as per usual 🙂 My favorite place to hang out with family is a place in Kansas City called “The Legends” great food, great shopping, beautiful fountains. We don’t go that often but we always have a blast when we do!

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