Banana bread (gluten-free)


A baking post for your viewing pleasure today and to tingle your tastebuds!

I’ve had like 6 bananas in my freezer for a while and finally got the rest of the ingredients I needed to make mama’s banana bread recipe, but a gluten-free version ^ that’s gluten-free flour, eggs, Crisco, sugar, vanilla, salt, cinnamon, sour cream, baking soda & baking powder…

Now, I won’t be giving away the exact recipe ^ just showing you my steps along the way. Crisco and sugar first, then eggs and bananas (which I should’ve let thaw a little bit first)….

Then flour, the rest of the ingredients, and mix ^ we were soon ready to throw them in the oven! I floured the pans (with too much flour) before realizing I really only needed one pan for the amount of batter the recipe made- next time I’ll double it for sure…

Lots of dishes and utensils later, the loaves were done ^ they’re short of course because of the low batter to pan ratio, but just as yummy!

Justin, who “doesn’t like banana bread” absolutely loved it and asked when I’d be making more ^ and mom said it tasted just like hers- which is a huge compliment! The small difference of just using gluten-free flour as opposed to regular wheat flour, didn’t make it taste any different. It didn’t seem to change the consistency either, so it’s a WIN WIN (:

Is there some treat you had a lot during your childhood that you like making for yourself now? Let me know in the comments! Back with you all this Friday, thanks again for stopping by (:

*Happy 34 months to Justin and I today too, that means only 2 more months til our 3-year anniversary. Wow!

35 thoughts on “Banana bread (gluten-free)

  1. I want to make a banana bread for so long, but I never have time to do it. I’ve never tried it before 😁 I’ll definitely try your recipe 😁

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  2. We didn’t have baking going on very often in our house growing up, but my mom was the queen of cooking Haitian food. No matter what I do, I can’t get close to how good her food is. You know, I’ve been wondering for a while now if I can freeze my bananas with the skin on. Now I finally know!

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    1. Ooooh that sounds like heaven! I’m sure you’ll master it (: yeah, you can freeze them once they start getting too brown to eat- then just let them thaw out a bit when you’re ready to use them and they’ll slide right outta the peel! It’s a bit gross looking, but super yummy haha

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    1. My mom always did it so that they could get really brown (sweet) but still stay good for baking with! I’m sure it’s not a needed step though (: thanks for your comment


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