Ugly l0cations challenge


I was challenged by aricouture to complete the “Ugly Location Challenge” so thanks again for including me! Here are the rules:

1.) Find at least 3 locations that are just “okay” or ugly even, then let your followers know where you are.

2.) Take at least 3 photos of you in these locations with different outfits (if possible).

3.) Optional: Use a prop in your photo!

4.) Tag at least 5 other bloggers and attach the rules list in your post

Onto the first location….

These were taken at the winery we visited with my mom a few months back ^ the first is with their turkeys (its ugly cause the terrain was super muddy) and the second is with a trash can and some empty beer containers. We were out about 15-20 from my mom’s place, so for this I wasn’t able to change outfits- I do wanna go back though!

The second one wouldn’t be as ugly if it were dark out and this cow was actually lit up ^ but it looks really creepy like it is in the photo! This was taken outside of a CFA and again, I wasn’t able to pose there with a different outfit cause we were driving around…

This one might be strange to some of you, but this location is my old car which was dropped off at my dad’s house once I got my new car ^ I hated this hunk of junk, so I thought it would be a humorous addition to this challenge. I did a silly pose to emphasize that point as well, but still no outfit change. I’m really bad at rule #2

You might recognize this location from my Field Day of the Past post ^ these were taken at the old garage they have on the grounds. I thought the dirt and dust made it a good fit for this challenge- anything with peeling paint looks ugly to me! I also snapped some shots with their mechanic manakins cause I couldn’t help but make this location a funny one as well. Not multiple outfits, but 4 photos is getting better haha

This last location is really only ugly because of the cruddy sidewalk below the benches outside ^ this is of course taken at a Sugar Shack donut & coffee shop! I wore my new leather jacket for the first time this day because it was actually cool enough out. I wasn’t planning to add this to the challenge, but after seeing the picture again and noticing how gross the sidewalk looked- it was a shoe in! Once again, failing at rule #2

This was my best attempt at this Ugly Location Challenge. You don’t realize how many beautiful places you take photos at until you’re asked to pose in not-so-pretty ones…

I’m gonna cheat at that last rule a bit and open this challenge to all of my followers. I’d love to see what creepy, gross, ugly places you have around that you can add your gorgeous selves to- making for a crazy cool post. Good luck (:

30 thoughts on “Ugly l0cations challenge

  1. Oh my gosh haha, this is such a fun idea! 😂 We’re always looking for pretty, fun, aesthetic places to get our pictures taken at, and the less than beautiful locations never get looked at twice! You got some great pictures (: I’d love to do this challenge!

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  2. Sometimes even the ‘ugly’ places have such special atmosphere that they don’t seem too ugly anymore. But yes, you always look around the town, searching for the pretty things, when really, you can just look at something and in all honesty go: “wow, this place is super ugly”. 😁

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  3. I’ve never heard of this challenge before! It’s sounds fun though. Those locations really do look ugly, hehe. Thanks for opening it up to all your followers, I’d like to give this a shot 🙂

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  4. This is the first time hearing about this challenge. It’s kind off interesting and makes me think about which “ugly” places I’ve been. I love the picture where you do a silly pose in front of the car!

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