Autumn tag


Today I’ll be sharing another chain post I was recently tagged in. This one is simply some fall-related questions, but I picked out a few photos that I thought suited the theme…

The original post came from LaurenAnnBeauty and I was tagged by SpeedyGoneCharlie

First question: What’s your favorite thing about autumn?

There’s a list a mile long of all the reasons I love the fall season, but I would have to say my top pick would be the colder weather! It means less sweating, less bugs, more sweaters, and more hot tea times…

Question 2: Are you taking part in Blogtober?

Is it sad to say idk what that is? I’m guessing it means blogging everyday in October, if so- no. I’ve kept up a “twice a week” blogging schedule since January! Every Tuesday & Friday, I’ll publish something here and it’s so much better being this organized as opposed to my first year of blogging when it was totally random…

Favorite autumnal drink?

Hot, loose leaf tea (preferably oolong ^ with a splash of milk)

Favorite autumnal candle?

Anything with an apple scent!

Favorite item of clothing for autumn?

My new Madewell black leather jacket ^ Justin got me for my birthday! It’s the first one I’ve ever found that fit me comfortably and wasn’t stiff or super boxy at the shoulders…

Do you decorate for Halloween?

YES (well, we did last year…but didn’t get to it this year)

What do you do on Halloween?

When I was a kid, we always had homemade costumes and went trick-or-treating. Because my birthday is in October, I’ve had a few Halloween themed parties for it during my grade school years. Nowadays, we decorate inside and hand out candy if we get anyone at our door. We don’t really have a set thing we do for the holiday though. Last year, I had some girl friends come over (in costume of course) for drinks and Cards Against Humanity. This year, we went to see my dad for an oil change and then went bowling in our costumes (more on that in an upcoming post)!

Happy fall to you all! I tag anyone reading this and hope you have fun answering the questions. I look forward to seeing your posts (:

12 thoughts on “Autumn tag

  1. Ah I love how you had a picture to go with every answer! I love oolong tea too and the pot in the first image with the pinecones inside is adorable ❤

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