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I have to admit, I don’t have any of my “planned” posts ready to publish. I have lots of albums waiting for the remaining pictures I need to complete my ideas! So while today’s post might be filler and not very positive- it’s important to me to share these things because if anyone has answers…I’d be open to hearing anything lol let’s get into the brunt of my old lady problems

All this mess probably started in 2014 with my migraines ^ I was working at Party City at the time and going to community college. Looking back, I wouldn’t say it was a stressful time in my life (even during the Halloween season at a party store). But I started struggling with the auras that preceded my migraines. I would start to get static vision in my left eye, so much til it was completely black. I would also get numbness in my left hand- from the tips of my fingers through mid forearm. This was scariest when I first had the same numbness in my mouth! My tongue went numb as well as my lips and even sometimes onto the tip of my nose. It was terrifying and difficult to work during these auras, not to mention the debilitating sensitivity to light & sound when the pain of the migraine finally hit me. I went to a doctor who told me there’s a threshold for migraines. This means that there’s multiple factors that add up to push your head over the edge into having those symptoms/pains. The doctor also told me that I could try a low-tyramine diet to help reduce the risk of oncoming migraines. I was prescribed Fiorinal (which is a controlled version of Fioricet) for times when I needed the headache to subside a bit quicker, like at work or in school. I would say these were the worst migraines I ever had. Before I had them under control, I missed school and work because of both the auras and the pain. Nowadays, I don’t get them as often and I rarely get the auras with them. I would blame this mainly on hormone changes from changing birth control over the years, drinking more chamomile regularly (to reduce inflammation), and just growing out of that phase of my life…

Another thing that severely affected my life, has been my suspected gluten sensitivity ^ I started having tummy issues in mid to late 2016 and didn’t find any kind of answer til March of 2017. Basically what would happen: almost immediately after eating (but not every time I ate), I would experience pain in my upper stomach area (almost my chest), it was like a burning and bloating pain I’ve never felt anything like it. If this was the only symptom, I think I could’ve figured it out on my own. But I also had weakness, shortness of breath, chills/sweats, and nausea like you wouldn’t believe…these led me to believe there was a bigger problem at hand. We went to multiple doctors and I was put through every test you could imagine. I’m sure my eyes rolled out of my head a few times with all the ones who diagnosed me with heartburn- it doesn’t give you all those other symptoms. Celiac disease was ruled out through a few blood tests, but we still had ultrasounds and an endoscopy scheduled. I wanted to check all the boxes and make sure I didn’t miss any opportunity to find out what’s wrong. Finally, after all was said and done- the last diagnosis was a gluten sensitivity (but I probably have some slight form of IBS as well). I went completely gluten-free March 2017 and I felt so much better after about a month. Even if you don’t HAVE to, it’ll really change the way you feel to not have gluten sitting in your belly. I had more energy and had many less “attacks” than before. Once all the old gluten had left my system, I felt completely healed. I had a few slip-ups where I tried to have bits of gluten in the early days of this new diet, which resulted in an attack. Nowadays I can have small amounts of gluten and don’t have too big of a problem with it. I would venture to say I haven’t had a full on attack in a year. I’ll cheat and have a hamburger from McDonald’s because the bun isn’t TOO much gluten to make me feel bad…

Next, the girly stuff ^ before I ever started on birth control, I had very heavy and lengthy periods. They would come with horrific pains and pretty bad PMS symptoms too. I got on my first birth control when I was maybe 14-15 and it really did help regulate my menstrual cycle. I had much less pain and less flow than before, even if my period lasted the full 7 days of the end pills of my packs. I was on the same type of pill for about 5-6 years, up until the beginning of this year. I went to my gynecologist for my annual exam and I mentioned to her that I was having headaches again (in late 2017). I also let her know I had been struggling with nausea almost everyday, but even more during my period…for the past few months. We ruled out pregnancy, but then we got to prescribing things. She wanted to change my pill and I was honestly open to anything at that point that she thought might help ease the nausea. I could deal with the headaches, but I have a fear of throwing up, so the nausea was a big no-no. She also mentioned that I shouldn’t have been on the type of pill I used to take if I was someone who experienced auras with migraines- because I could have a stroke! She’s the one that put me on that pill years ago. But anyways, this new pill she said has the least amount of estrogen of any oral birth control pill. I should have less headaches and nausea because of this. She said I would have super light and short periods at the end of my pack, also I might start to not have a period at all. Well let me tell you guys, THAT was not the case…about 6 months into taking this pill, I agree I did have less headaches and shorter periods, but the nausea was almost worse! I skipped a period maybe twice. Then I started having a week-long “natural” period during the 3rd week of my pill pack. Sometimes I’d even bleed some during those last pills in my pack in addition to the normal period. So if I were giving a review, I’d say this new pill is worse. I’m in the process of finding a new OBGYN for two reasons. 1) my old one is going out of practice. 2) I wouldn’t wanna go back to her anyways…I want someone who will listen to me and try to find the root of my problem instead of just throwing a new birth control at me cause it’s what they’re paid to sell. She eventually prescribed me stronger anti-nausea meds, but when I was taking 2 at a time, she wouldn’t up the dose for me. Not to mention, my hormones are going crazy giving me hot flashes. That’s something I had never experienced before and I haaaaaate it

Lastly, I’ll touch on the weird and random stuff I feel like I shouldn’t be going through at 22 years old ^ the hot flashes I just mentioned are a big thing. But I also get strange pains in my joints and muscle spasms that don’t go away without taking a relaxer or just trying to sleep it off. These are things I’ll mention when I find my new doctor, but I’m not super concerned with them as I can usually tough it out and they’re more of an annoyance than anything. I mainly just want to go back through all the blood & urine tests to rule out anything severe that might’ve surfaced in the last year…even if they wanna do more imaging, I’m still up for checking all my bases. In the past few months, I’ve been waking up 4-5 days out of the week with a terrible soreness in my abdomen that I can’t explain. It feels like I’ve done a thousand crunches, but I don’t even work out. We think it may be kidney related, but I’ll have to do some tests at the doctor to really figure it out. I’m just scared of the worst case scenario, obviously. My coworkers think I may have a thyroid issue because I’m constantly overheating, but I’m hoping that’s just my hormones being out of whack! I’ll definitely be getting that straightened out before we do any kind of invasive testing again (like the endoscopy).

Sorry for the basic ongoing complaints in this post ^ but I figure if anyone has answers, it would be a good thing to put it all out there and hope someone can help- or maybe I helped someone else identify that gluten is ruining their life! Whatever the case, I’ll get better soon and I’ll feel better too. Thanks for reading and bearing with me (:

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  1. I used to get ocular migraines/auras, too, with the numbness and everything you described. The first time it happened, I thought I was having a heart attack or stroke, I was so scared. Mine were happening because of my birth control, and since getting off birth control, I rarely, if ever, get even a headache.

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    1. Yeah, it scared me so bad the first time- I had no idea what it was! I think changing my birth control (maybe to something non-oral) will help many of my issues tremendously. I can tell my hormones are way off /:

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      1. For me, I was getting them because my birth control had a high level of estrogen, so I switched to a progesterone pill which helped. The implants have some level of estrogen, which is why my doctor didn’t want to risk it, but definitely talk to your doctor about your options. To be honest, the progesterone pill didn’t end up working for me and I’ve been off birth control for almost a year now. I’ve never felt better!

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      2. That’s what everyone says haha I wish I could leave mine in the past, but I tried everything to calm my periods down and nothing worked but the pill. I’m hoping that things have changed and I can do it a better way! Thanks so much for reading and sharing your experience (: glad you found a way to feel better

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    1. Yeah, makes me feel like I’m 82 instead of 22 haha but I’m hoping the new doctor will listen to me more. They were recommended by a pharmacist I work with, so I have a good feeling! Thanks for your support (:


    1. Totally! It’s such a bummer, but I think once I get my hormones back on track- everything else will fall into place. It’s hard to tell what’s causing what 🙈 we gotta be here for each other though & it means a lot that you read and commented

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    1. Right? I was hoping I could give the pill she switched me to a fighting chance and stay on it for at least a year before going back to my old one or something totally different, but I think the cons outweigh the pros far too much to wait any longer for a change! Thanks for commenting (:

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  2. I am so so sorry to hear all of these ailments that have been affecting you over the years. Have you ever heard of the book You are the Placebo Effect by Joe Dispenza? It is a powerful book that describes many illnesses that people have had over several years. It teaches you the source. It’s a phenomenal read and I highly recommend you reading it for some insight as well as powerful healing. Sending much healthy vibes! xx

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  3. omg that’s so much to deal with all at once!! :^(
    Definitely bring up all your concerns the next time you go to the doctor/OBGYN. There are times where I think my condition will pass or I’m kind of undermining it, but best to get it checked out than it getting worse!

    I’m not an expert on birth control, but I know everyone reacts differently to different birth control. So at best, the OBGYN can only prescribe you a pill that “generally” don’t have any risks. Birth control is honestly really iffy and you really can’t tell if it’ll work 100% with no repercussions unless you try them. BUT LIKE I SAID I’M NOT AN EXPERT SO I MAY BE TALKING OUT OF MY BUTT;;;

    For the tummy soreness though, maybe try laying a hot water bottle on it? I know it’s not a solution but maybe it’ll ease it or more manageable?

    I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all of this all at once… Best of luck to you!

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    1. Thanks so much for this comment! Yeah, I’m hoping the new OBGYN can recommend either going back to my old pill or if she knows something that would be better than oral contraceptives altogether- I’m open to hearing the options. I definitely have become best friends with my heating pad lately with the tummy soreness AND the nausea. I just need to make the appointment soon and schedule all those tests too…I know I’m gonna be worn out from it, but it’ll be worth it even if we only identify the problem(s)


      1. Definitely let them know what medications you’re currently taking too just so you can avoid medications clashing and making this worse 😨!! Luckily, the weather is getting colder and drinking tea is in style now LOL; but now you can warm you tummy from the inside too!

        I hope everything goes well in your next appointment! Stay strong, gal!!

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      2. Oh yeah, after finding out about the interactions with my birth control and the auras…I’ve made a list of everything I take (even stuff that isn’t daily medication) to avoid that situation again. Totally! Chamomile and oolong tea are my little helpers (: thanks again

        *just made the appointment for mid-December so I’ll post an update towards the end of the year or in January


    1. Try cutting back on high-tyramine foods (you can find a list online)! That helped me a ton when I was watching my threshold a few years back (: hope you feel better & thanks for commenting


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