This chick’s kicks


Now that I’ve got all (as many as I could find) of the pictures for this post together- it’s time to show you my shoe collection!

Starting off with some easy slip-ons ^ my old coral Ked’s knock-offs from Target. Had the pair in navy blue for a long time before I got these and now I’d say I’ve had them for about the same time. Still nice to have a beat up pair in the back of my closet! Next, my floral slippers for around the apartment- got these in a little shop in downtown Fredericksburg, but I can’t remember the name. They’re great for walking on the cold tile when I’ve just got outta bed in the morning. Then my sandals that I’ll be packing away for the season soon: a pair in black, white, and brown. Lastly, my fuzzy Steve Madden slides that Justin got me. I love the pink color of these and the ease of wear, but I have to admit it was hard for me to match them to outfits in the beginning (:

Some of my dressier shoes ^ a pair of nude pumps from my older sister (also have a similar pair in black suede, but I couldn’t find them to take a pic- just a skinnier heel on those). A real old pair of long black boots that I’m pretty sure don’t fit me anymore cause I’ve had them for a good 8 years! My Mary Jane’s that I love to death and can’t wait to wear more this fall/winter season. Finally, my leathery “dress” shoes that I want to wear with pretty much everything…even if they don’t match perfectly. These are surprisingly comfortable and I’ve never owned a shoe style like this before (:

More boots ^ my favorite fall boots that fold down and have fur lining! And my Bean boots that Justin got for me, they’re the only thing that won’t slip in the snow/ice. Not the most comfortable things, but still well worth it when your feet stay dry (:

The Yeezy collection ^ the first pair I don’t own anymore, the Zebras were a touch too big anyways. The second are my prized Butters and I LOVE the yellow color (it’s a bit hard to see the exact shade in pics though). Another pair I don’t have anymore are the OG Turtle Doves, but I wore them basically to death before having to throw them out. Lastly, my Blue Tints are one of the coolest colorways I’ve had but they’re a bit tough to match with outfits. They look great with a pair of black leggings though (:

Last on the list are my most comfortable sneakers ^ the Adidas NMDs in pink and gray & Ultraboost in purple and peach. The NMDs are easy to wear all day while we’re out and about, but the Ultraboost are my work shoes specifically. The only thing I can have on my feet for days on end and not have soreness or be uncomfortable! If you’re looking for something like that- I highly recommend this shoe (:

I still have a few random pairs in the back of my closet and I’m sure some shoes packed away that I couldn’t be bothered digging out for this post, but I hope you enjoyed taking a look at (85% of) my shoe collection! Thanks for stopping by (:

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