In need 0f a fire


Last month’s PokémonGO community day showed us a few things: while it may still look like autumn because of the multicolor leaves about, the weather (specifically temperature) is already winter-fied! It also taught me to layer up a bit better even if the weather channel app shows sunny skies because I did NOT pay attention to the wind chill that day….

We chose to visit Maymont again for Cyndaquil day ^ it was so beautiful with all the leaf litter at our feet! I stole Justin’s big sherpa & denim jacket for the day since my layers were proving too thin…

While we walked around the 100-acre park ^ we caught many cyndaquil and quite a few shinies! We also came across a sleeping owl and a very friendly cow couple (:

This isn’t a super wordy post, as most of my community day pieces aren’t ^ but we really enjoyed the gorgeous scenery despite the chill of the wind cutting through our jackets! I’m very grateful to have such lovely park areas around our city…

I hope you enjoyed a look at our day off at Maymont ^ my Thanksgiving post is coming soon, so keep an eye out later this week for that! Happy December & happy holidays to all of you wonderful people (:


Since the end of the year is almost upon us, my resolutions are coming to an end as well. One of those was to post to this blog at least twice a week, and I’ve kept up with that all year by scheduling a Tuesday and Friday post every single week. My question to you is: should I stick with those 2 days all of next year as well? Or would you rather see a more random posting schedule from me (most likely still around twice a week)? Let me know in the comments! I always appreciate feedback from my followers- anything that can make my blog better and a better experience for the both of us (:

11 thoughts on “In need 0f a fire

  1. The scenery is so pretty! It no longer looks like Autumn here, but I guess it’s because I’m just a little farther north than you, so it gets colder faster here. It definitely looks and feels like Winter outside now.

    I just love that owl in the pictures! How cute! I love owls.

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    1. Right? Bye bye fall! After we got some flurries the other day and have since been waking up to frost everywhere- winter is definitely HERE. The owl was adorable cause it looked like it was dozing off haha sleepy guy (: thanks for your comment

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  2. The views are amazing, also how cute are the cows?! I think flexibility with your uploads would be good because we all love your content regardless and would remove the pressure of specific upload dates! You do you girl and we will all support you!:) xx

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