December fav0rites


A special collab post for the last faves of the year! Head over to Samantha’s blog and Bayance’s blog to see their favorites for December as well (:

Lets start with food & drinks, shall we? Some of my faves this month were Panera’s chicken salad sandwich, Cracker Barrel half n half, fruits and veggies platters for snacking on at home, truffles from the chocolate store, and the best of them all: Bailey’s & coffee at O’charley’s!

The snow ^ the first photo is what it looked like when we woke up, but by the next day we had got almost a foot of snow! It was super cozy to bundle up in a blanket with Justin in our window seat and just watch the snow fall (:

December’s community day for PokémonGO we spent at the mall ^ I wore my Gen1 shirt and the place was all decorated for Christmas! I also got an early gift from Justin which was the red rain coat (pictured above) from L.L.Bean (: we had such a fun time that day and I’m excited for all the community days to come in 2019

Speaking of fun…something I haven’t done in a long time is play with modeling clay/dough ^ we got some when we were out and it was hilarious to mess around with it while watching random YouTube videos. I also finally convinced Justin to play Scrabble with me (one of my favorite games) and we managed to used all the letters- while only using “real” words lol

By now, you’ve seen these sweaters on me ^ but the holiday edition Maì sweatshirts are a huge fave this month as I’ve basically been living in them. They only came in size large, so it’s like the coziest thing ever! Plus, the Christmas-y colors are gorgeous. Marzia also included a pin from her collaboration with Ohhdeer which was so sweet of her (: it’s a cactus ice cream haha

Last but certainly not least, my children ^ the frogs received their first Christmas card this season from friends Krista & her chameleon Jack. Fear has grown exponentially since we switched to large crickets. We’re also 100% sure that “he” is a she and Misery is a boy….but we’re still gonna call them their wrongly assumed genders cause we’ll get confused otherwise. Fear has become much more cuddly with Misery lately too, they’re in the orange squished together almost every morning when I go to turn on their light. It’s precious (:

I want to thank Bayance & Samantha for including me in this faves collab for December! I hope you all have a happy New Year, see you in 2019

16 thoughts on “December fav0rites

      1. You’re welcome! Yeah haha, I can understand that. When we get snow, it’s never more than an inch which usually isn’t much trouble 😂 I don’t think I’d be able to live somewhere where you get a foot of snow or more!

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      2. I was happy to have my all-wheel-drive vehicle when the snow came, but they don’t plow our apartments’ parking lot well at all…so I wasn’t able to get out for a long time (glad I was off work that day) haha

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      3. Oh wow, that could get scary! 😱 In Georgia, we don’t have any vehicles to salt the roads or clear them at all, so my city freaks out with the possibility of any snowfall 😂

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  1. Aah loved this post and collabing with you! Wait I think I missed out on something because I never realized the frogs were named Fear and Misery. So deep. 💔 Good job assuming their gender. Jk 😂 Aww the Christmas card is so cute. And hahah I can’t with that scrabble game. You and Justin are gorgeous as always! Great post 💗

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