January fav0rites


The first month of the new year is coming to a close, but it brings along with it the first favorites post of 2019! January was full of new beginnings and creating good habits for the next 11 months & beyond. While we may not have got out as much to do random fun stuff or really made plans of any kind, this month is still ending strong with a ton of great faves- some new, some familiar. Enjoy (:

Food & drinks

My favorite way to kick off a faves post is with the yummies. Being gluten-free, our local Mediterranean place has tons of options to fill up my salad bowl with deliciousness as well as nutritious-ness! I’ve mentioned Mezeh in multiple posts and they’re still a staple of my monthly favorites. Justin bought chocolate covered cashews one time we went grocery shopping earlier in January and I’m pretty sure we’ll be buying them every time we go to Target now. They’re so good! I also don’t count it as part of my “two days of candy per week” restriction cause it’s a nut lol TEA has been part of my morning ritual all month long and I’m thinking I can make it all year long because I love getting up to it. I have a few favorite black teas that I tore through these past few weeks, but I bought a bulk box of Irish breakfast for the future. I make a tall cup as soon as I wake up and then add just a splash of creamer. I get a little boost to start my day and the time it takes to drink it all is a perfect way to wake up relaxed. It’s like coffee but without the caffeine crash and bad breath (:

Watching Alexandria

Another part of my morning ritual was binge watching Alexandria Ryan’s YouTube videos. I mentioned her in a previous post as my inspiration for subscribing to Ipsy. Her channel is blowing up and for good reason- she’s hilarious and has genuine, quality content. Each morning I’d put her videos on to have in the background as I completed my workout, but I’ve torn through them all in a month’s time. Now it’s nice to look forward to new ones whenever she posts!

Frog children

Our frogs got a new friend this month! No, we haven’t added anymore live ones (yet). Justin found a stuffed Pepe toy online and had to get him. Fear & Misery have enjoyed looking at him from their tank. They’ve also really loved getting up close and personal with each other lately. We’ve caught them crawling on top of one another and more often times than not, smooshed together inside their orange hide. It’s adorable and I have about 1000 pictures of them on my phone just from this first month of the year…

Beauty? faves

Brought to you straight from our apartment bathroom: my favorite mask, cleanser, and toothbrush! Justin was kind enough to test out the 2 masks I got in my Ipsy bags with me and it was a lot of fun. He also didn’t think it was weird when I asked him to take a picture of me brushing my teeth haha a very sweet man. I’ve been loving our new Quip electric toothbrushes. I’ve never been excited to do such a mundane task. I’ve also come back to an old fave- Burt’s Bees soap bark & chamomile deep cleansing cream. I can’t believe I almost forgot how amazingly good this stuff is. I’m adding it to my nighttime routine and I know my skin is already thanking me (:

More binge-watching

What else has been on our tv this month? Well, nothing but Netflix of course. I watch Alexandria in the morning and we binged all 3 seasons of Lucifer during our evenings. Then I finally got back into Daredevil to finish watching it’s final season. These shows are awesome and I know Justin & I are equally anxiously awaiting the return of Lucifer as they were bought out from Fox for a 4th season by Netflix! Hopefully coming this spring…


I painted my nails twice in one month? Who am I? I tried out the color I received in one of my Ipsy bags, but it didn’t last too long. My nails hadn’t broken off, so I decided to try out the shade my mom had got me for Christmas. It’s an OPI polish in the color “A Great Opera-tunity” haha they have the strangest names. I love them cause they’re super high quality and really last the longest out of all the nail lacquers I’ve tried. Idk why this peachy color makes me feel like I have fake nails on, but it’s kinda nice cause they’re my real nails- just long!

That’s it for January. Stick around til Friday to ring in February with me and a brand new reoccurring post (is it weird that I feel weird calling it a series?) for the first post of each month this year & maybe into the next. All will be revealed on February 1st (: thanks so much as always for reading!

15 thoughts on “January fav0rites

  1. I have that same Burt’s Bees cleanser. It’s served me well, especially when I first started using it. Lately, I’ve been using Castille soap and it’s giving my skin a new glow and clearing it up pretty nicely.

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  2. FROGS! Are they hard to take care of? I Have not watched Lucifer, but have heard good things about the show, so I have added it to my must watch list. That darn list gets longer and longer each day! I got the quip toothbrush over the holidays and love it too!! 🙂

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