January’s n0tes


Happy Friday and happy February! My last post of each month is my favorites, you know this by now. Something new I wanted to try this year was making the first post of each month my “notes” or bigger goals for the previous month. This is of course inspired by something Marzia used to do. I figured it would be a good way to keep myself in check for the things that I wanted to do, that are important to me, that I really need to get done, but might’ve procrastinated a bit too much in the past…

Finish Influenster badge

I received a VoxBox from Influenster with a couple Garnier products in it at the end of last year. The app gives you about a month to complete the activities in their “badges” so that you can be eligible for more freebies in the future. I wanted to make sure I got this simple thing done and didn’t forget about it, cause obviously I love getting free stuff. Who doesn’t? Since the deadline was the end of January, it was a perfect (starter) goal for my first ever notes. I made sure to give both products a fair shake, using them multiple times for different amounts of time, and in different conditions. I remembered to take pictures and before I knew it, I had a full blog post written up about it! Focusing on that made it super easy to complete all the badge activities. I was happy (and proud of myself) to check that note off (:

If you missed that post, I’ll leave the link to it HERE

Write Alexandria a letter

I wanted to make this a January note simply because I wasn’t sure when she’d receive the letter and/or read it & respond. Our vacation got pulled back from the first week in August all the way to the 3rd week of June due to seniority at my work. This made it even more important that I get the letter out to her early in the year. Basically what I wanted to do was ask her what’re some fun things to do when visiting her town, since part of our vacay will be stopping into her store in Kentucky. We’ll have an entire week off, so I wanted to see what she thought to recommend for us to do there. I also know from her fanmail videos that she loves getting letters, so I made sure to include how much I love watching her channel. I asked Justin to pick up some lined paper and colored pencils, I sat down one morning and wrote the whole thing out, then put a stamp on it…and got to check off another note (:

Transition my wardrobe

This was the big boy. The task I had been avoiding for a few months now. I don’t have nearly enough room for all of my clothes and you’d never guess I’ve gotten rid (donated/sold) of so much in the past 2 years. I have half our closet, some plastic drawers, and a dresser that’s full after transitioning my spring/summer stuff out and bringing in all the fall/winter things. I had to go through 5 bins to do this. They were all packed away in the storage closet in our living room. Justin had a lot of his business stuff in front of them, so his challenge for January was getting the closet clear enough that we could even get to the bins. He did an awesome job and I wouldn’t have been able to complete this note without him. I feel the most accomplished finally getting this done as it took forever and really forced me to take the clean, folded clothes on my floor and put them away! I mean- if I don’t allow myself to leave dirty clothes strewn about unfolded, what was stopping me from organizing them more? Now they all have a home (:

Til spring/summer comes and I have to do it all again…but pray with me that we’ll be moving into a house before that happens!

That concludes my notes for the first month of this year. I got those 3 goals completed and I already have more in mind for February. I won’t be sharing them until my first post of March though, so keep an eye out for that if you liked this kind of content. Should I keep it a beginning-of-the-month series or just work each note into another post during the course of those 30 days? Let me know in the comments! I’m trying a lot of new things with my blog for 2019 and your feedback is always appreciated. Thanks again for reading (:

14 thoughts on “January’s n0tes

  1. Girl I’m so glad you got those checked off. And that transition though!! I’m glad you were able to organize your clothes by season. Good luck in the spring clean up haha! Great post ❤

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      1. Aah girl good luck with that!! I’ve been trying to as well and I did when I moved but a lot of them I was like “yeah I’ll wear this when blabla” but I never do haha. Have a great February! I better see chocolate fountains with Justin on valentines day 😂

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