Let’s get this bread


Valentine’s Day post is finally here! We didn’t go all out this year as we really wanted a chill day to just relax in each other’s company. I still wanted to share our celebration with you…

I said no gifts

I thought Justin had agreed with me that we weren’t getting each other any presents this year, but he surprised me that morning with not one BUT TWO beautiful bracelets from Tiffany. They’re from my favorite collection and came with a little perfume sample that smells absolutely lovely. I thought to pair the Amazonite one with the Marzia bracelet that has the same type of stones…

He’s really too much, my sweet pea. Thank you, Justin ❤

Getting bread

The next step of our morning was to make the best brunch we could. For that, we went to pick up our order of freshly baked gluten-free bread loaves (white and multigrain) and bagels! We made some stellar grilled cheese sandwiches and enjoyed those with a bottle of sparkling grape juice that was labeled as Rosé even though it’s non-alcoholic. It was silly cause it didn’t taste any different than the normal stuff, but it still made for a delicious drink with our meal. Even though the bread was a bit more expensive than the frozen store stuff, it’s so much better tasting and easier to work with…


We honestly didn’t do too much of anything for the rest of the day. We lounged on the couch playing games and watching videos. It was such a nice time to just kick back & hang out with each other. But we had to get some selfies of course! I also dressed up our ZEPETO characters in Valentine’s Day garb for a few cute poses (:

Justin did help me work on my car (with advice from my dad on things to try) to fix my gear shift that kept locking up. It worked! Driving already makes me anxious, so I always want things in my car working correctly…

Froggy cuddles

More selfies ensued later in the evening and we really FELT THE LOVE when we noticed how adorably cuddled up our frogs were. I’ve got so many good photos of them lately that I’m sure I’ll have a new post with them coming in a week or two or three (haven’t really scheduled it yet).

We did our taxes this day too! I got less of a return than last year, but I feel like most people did. Still money back to put into savings! Justin complete taxes for his business for the first time which was exciting, but also expensive (we knew it would be). But he made a plan to better the process by next tax season- what a smarty pants my man is (:

That was basically it for our super simple V-day celebrations. I hope you enjoyed this short post for your Friday viewing pleasure. I’ll be back next Tuesday with a tag- something I feel like I haven’t done in such a long time. Stick around for that and more info about those future giveaways I mentioned in a previous post!

Enjoy your weekend xo

6 thoughts on “Let’s get this bread

  1. The bracelets are so lovely. What a nice gift! I’ve never had anything from Tiffany before. Yum, I could really go for a grilled cheese right now. I’ve been hungry for one.

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  2. Awww what a sweet and beautiful gift! And omg, taxes for business owners are crazy. I help my dad prepare his stuff for his accountant and it’s so much! I’m still waiting to hear what I’m getting but I’m sure it’s less than last year too haha.

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