March’s n0tes


It’s that time again, the beginning of a new month and end of goals for the previous one! In today’s post I’ll be sharing my experiences from March with the 3 big points I wanted to achieve…

Get shoulders fixed

This was the toughest and most extensive goal I had from March, and I don’t think it’s really even fully completed. But I started the process and am working to fix the problem with finality by doing my exercises, taking my medicine, and maybe seeing the doctor more about it. But here’s the whole story: I started having uncomfortable feelings in my shoulders at work from the beginning of the year. It started as barely anything, but by mid-February I was really struggling with the pain during my longer shifts especially. I tried taking Advil (even higher doses) and didn’t get any relief with that. I made an appointment for the beginning of March with a pain specialist to see if she could figure out what my issue was and treat it accordingly. After our initial talk and a lot of her prodding at my shoulders to find the specific spot I was hurting (that I was sore from the following day), I was diagnosed with rotator cuff tendinitis which she also called impingement. She guessed it wasn’t severe since it didn’t come from any acute injury but more likely was caused by repetitive movements that irritated the joint. I could’ve done this without knowing because my shoulders are hyper-mobile. I was instructed not to do anymore push-ups in my daily workouts, but to try some lightweight bicep curls as a replacement arm exercise. It’s not as intense, but I’d try just about anything to stop this pain (and I’m not a fan of push-ups). I started that month doing 20 bicep curls daily with my hand weights, but I’ve upped it to 30 this month and will probably alternate that with tricep work in future months. The doctor offered a free laser treatment in office to see if that would be something helpful. It isn’t covered by insurance making it $65 for each session and she recommended I get them done twice a week. Pharmacy work is good money, but not THAT good. I let her do the free one anyways- knowing full well I wouldn’t be paying to have more done in the future. She also recommended physical therapy which would’ve been expensive as well and taken a lot of my time away for appointments. So I opted for a few exercises she’d printed out on sheets for me to do at home, cause they aren’t complicated. I don’t need to pay someone else to do it for me lol she also prescribed me a pain gel to apply directly on my superior capsule (where she pinpointed the pain to be worst). Neither the laser treatment nor the gel seemed to bring me any kind of relief. The following day I had to have the other doctor at the practice call in a pill form of the same medicine in the gel. That Rx seemed to lessen/dull the pain I was having, but it didn’t completely take it away. That same doctor recommended I come in the next day to try cortisone shots. At that point, I was willing to try anything they could throw at me. So I made the appointment and went on my work break the day after. My original doctor was back in the office to give me the shots and I explained that the previous methods weren’t helping. She used a freeze spray before injecting the cortisone and a numbing solution directly into the joints, one in each shoulder. Then a nurse came in to perform an ultrasound treatment to each side in order to spread the medicine and help the cortisone start working quicker. I felt very strange the first 15 minutes after, due to the steroid. Like my vision was a bit blurry and I felt like the world was a bit slower than my body. But after that had passed, my shoulders were numb which felt amazing after having dealt with so much pain recently. Unfortunately, I’d still have to take the pills twice daily to accompany the cortisone. Even after the days had passed when I should’ve felt the full effects of the shots. I tried on my days off to not take the extra medication, but I still felt the pain creeping back into my shoulders as the hours passed. I noticed that with the shots AND the diclofenac tablets, my pain was pretty much completely relieved. After a while, I started needing some Tylenol in the middle of the day when I had a longer shift to work. It also became harder to sleep because I had to fall asleep on my back, but rolled onto either side in my slumber and would wake up sore already. I had an old Rx of some muscle relaxers and tried those one night to see if it might help me sleep. It worked very well, and after calling that in to my doctor- she wrote a new Rx for me. I’ve been taking those at night and it seems to help a lot with just getting to sleep and relaxing my shoulders enough where I’m not waking up in pain. I feel lately that the pain is coming back worse and there’s less that I can do to relieve it (same as before), but I feel it’s due more to me not feeling the pain in the previous weeks. I irritated these injuries at work unknowingly because I felt fine again…during my follow-up appointment, I explained how everything had been going and told the doctor I didn’t want to get the cortisone shots again. Mainly because I had horrible hot flashes and broke out all over my chest and backs of my shoulders afterwards. She recommended something covered by insurance! Massage therapy is my next step. I haven’t gone yet, but I think once I can’t stand the pain again and nothing helps anymore- I’ll try it. The person who’d be performing it is highly recommended not only by the doctor, but also by my pharmacist. So I have high hopes…




Declutter dresser top & nightstand

This is another step in my journey to clean and re-organize my entire room! I wanted to do this in March to stay on the trend of clearing off/going through/minimalizing places in my bedroom and eventually the whole apartment. These areas only serve minor purposes despite their large surface area and hoarded look. I mainly use my nightstand for my alarm clock, tissue box, and a place for my glasses at night. I use the dresser top solely for the storage of my jewelry, so everything else is decorative or can be put in a better place (or the trash). After cleaning them up, there’s still more stuff on the nightstand simply because it didn’t have a lot there to begin with and only a few things that needed to go elsewhere. The dresser top however was full of junk and general clutter that could easily be piled into a box and stored away (out of sight), so it’s much emptier and looks cleaner! Embarrassingly enough, I don’t think I’ve dusted either space since we moved in, so there was a bunch clumped up on the rag when I was done…

Read Dream House again

This book goes by so much quicker when read alone, but I still managed to stretch it over the entire month by only reading a couple chapters twice a week. I mention that first because the first time I read this book (my favorite book) was with Justin and we read aloud to each other, alternating chapters. That method made it seem a lot longer than it really is. The story itself is just as good as I remembered and it’s still my favorite book! There were certain details I forgot about, but also events I was prepared for this time around like more emotional points and some horror stuff that had scared me more the first time… I’m not gonna spoil anything though- read it for yourself. 10/10

That’s the wrap up of my big goals last month. Sorry if it was super wordy, but the shoulder adventure was a long and arduous one…What will I achieve in April? What are you striving for this month? Let me know some of your bigger goals in the comments! Thanks for reading (:

12 thoughts on “March’s n0tes

  1. Aaaaah girlll!! I’ve read this whole post and you literally our me on a rollercoaster when talking about how your shoulder went. Ohh a repetitive injury – we learned about those in ergonomics. Kitypop did too many pushups last month I see 👀 Just kidding they must have been from other things but I love how you said that you had to do bicep curls instead. Girl I can’t do either. 😭😭 Teach me your workout ways! Omg $65 twice a weekkk. That’s crazy!! I’m glad you did some things on your own and that you tried the free one anyways. And ooh let us know how the massage goes. I really wish you the best in this shoulder journey aah. Hope everything works out! Also, my room is starting to be much more “cleanable” because my siblings have their own room mwahaha. But love the de-clutter process. And omg now you got me sucked into that book. What do you mean HORROR and EMOTION? Count me in I’m curious 👀 I’ll def check it out after I’m done my book report for English class. Hope you have an amazing April!! Aah what a long comment sorry but all the best for a healthy month 🙌

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    1. Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it (cause I felt like I wrote so much about my shoulders in this)…and yes, I’m feeling better about my living space each month with the areas I’ve cleaned up. You should totally read Dream House- it’s like a psychological horror/mystery 👏🏼 so good haha

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