Mysteri0us award


I did a tag recently, but I haven’t done any awards in a while! So let’s just jump into it…

I was nominated by Elsie to answer & post this “Mystery blogger award” and I wanna say thank you so much (:

I’m bad at awards cause I never follow the “rules” of them, so I’m not even gonna list them here. They’re available on Elsie’s post though if you’re interested in the details!

Three random facts about myself

1.) I have a mole right next to my belly button that I used to call my “lucky freckle” when I was a little kid

2.) I’ve been in two car accidents, both were people rear-ending (and ultimately totaling) my 2003 Honda Civic *RIP*

3.) I’m really good with needles, but super susceptible when it comes to nausea…

Elsie’s questions for me

1.) Where is your favorite place to be in the world?

Sitting on my mattress on the floor of my old bedroom in front of the window in my dad’s house (my childhood home)

2.) If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be?

Probably a PokΓ©mon trainer- there’s actually already one named Shannon!

3.) What was the last thing you said out loud?


4.) Do you have any goals for 2019? If so, what are they?

Yes, the biggest one is to move out of our apartment and buy a house of our own

5.) Would you change anything about blogging in general?

It would be nice if everyone was using the same website/platform, so it would be easier to follow all the blogs you like on the same site/app instead of over multiple…

A link to my best post

In need 0f a fire

It’s mostly pictures, but that’s most of my posts anyways (:

Hope you enjoyed reading through this short little award!

I’ll leave some of my own questions below if you’d like to post your own response. Everyone is nominated (:

My questions for you

1.) If you could live in any country (and know the language instantly), where would you choose to live?

2.) What’s your favorite flower?

3.) Do you organize your wardrobe a certain way? If so, how?

4.) Looking back, if you could’ve chose a specific topic to study in school- what would you have picked?

5.) Do you have a green thumb? Or do plants die with you no matter what you try?

Don’t forget to add the 3 random facts about yourself at the beginning of your post if you choose to complete this award!


See you all back this Friday for another post. This isn’t what I had planned for today’s, but I had to rearrange some things this month. If you enjoyed my purple monochrome post a while ago, I WILL be continuing that series with a different color soon! Thanks for reading (:

10 thoughts on “Mysteri0us award

    1. Thank you! I have some old extra selfies that I figured would make good filler for a post like this (: it’s so nice of you to notice. *Spoiler* next one will be PINK


  1. Loved thisss!!! I say “wow.” all the time but it’s usually the saractic one haha. Good luck with your new home I really hope you accomplish that goal and get settled in! ❀ All the best and SIS YOU LOOK STUNNING ❀

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