Hats 0n


A while back (since all my posts are super delayed), I had to drive my Subaru up to my dad’s house for him to work on fixing a fan problem I’ve been dealing with- it happens to be the exact same reason I finally ditched my previous car. He worked on it for at least 2 hours and must’ve taken apart & put back together the whole can system 50 times…in the end, he still couldn’t figure out what was causing the inconsistent failure. All the components worked fine separately, but once put in place weren’t moving the fans at all. Then he got to a point (which I’ve witnessed before) where they’d go, but only on high and at a weird pace. Like it sounded like it was struggling to rotate. So he’s gonna keep researching with the new info and see if he can order a brand new part to possibly fix the whole issue. If not, I’ll have to bring it to Subaru and see what they can do- at least to diagnose the actual part that’s failing so my dad can do the work to fix it. Both he and I agree not paying an arm & a leg is much better than having the dealer charge for 50 other things I don’t even need. He’s so sweet to always help me out with car stuff and never asks for anything, but I’m sure we’ll take him out to a nice dinner sometime!

That’s the story, so here’s a bunch of pics from the day:

I got to see my cats

For the most part, we just hung out with the pets inside or out in my car so Dad had some company. It was nice to sit back & relax for a while and I always cherish any time I get to spend with my kitties. Felix still has his leg lump and Oscar’s blood work came back showing early signs of renal failure, so my dad is bravely switching them to wet food with less protein to hopefully help extend both their lives. On a happier note, Macy happened to be there too! Me and her just adore our selfies (:

A beautiful day

It was quite windy that day (hence the hats), but not a drop of rain and the sunshine was abundant! We even took a walk when we got home because it was TOO gorgeous out. Then we grabbed a few snacks from Wawa and finally went back inside…

Even amphibians need cuddles

This was before I came down with my sickness (don’t worry), but I decided that day to take out the frogs for a lovely hop around the now designated “frog towel” and have a few wet-handed pets from mama. They seemed to have a lot of fun just being out of the tank for a bit (: and since Justin wasn’t touching them, he got these cute pics *thanks babe*

BONUS PUG & CHINA pics ^^^

This was sort of a random post, but I had too many photos from this day to sort into anything else. I’ll HOPEFULLY be posting my Etsy bag for April this coming Tuesday if I can write the reviews for everything in time! Stay tuned and as always, thanks for reading (:

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    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ’› theyโ€™re 14 now, so Iโ€™m just hoping they live without pain for as much longer as they can. They both are still acting completely normal though, so thatโ€™s a good sign!

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