Ipsy f0r April


April’s Ipsy bag managed to arrive in decent time for me to try on everything and get pictures & reviews done before the last week of the month! Lately, they’ve been coming so late that I felt rushed to get a post together before the current month was over. Let’s jump into this super spring-y themed bag…

First time trying add-ons

This month I got to choose the fifth/final item that would come in my subscription bag. I wouldn’t have minded this as a bonus, but they show everything else that you’ll be receiving in your Ipsy before you get to see the options for that last item. I guess I can let that slide because I wouldn’t have wanted to pick a product that was super similar to something I’d already be getting, but it still really ruins the surprise of everything else- so I hope they won’t continue that trend! I did, however, splurge a bit in April by getting 2 add-ons. I picked out two lip products: one was the $3 deluxe sample and the other was a $12 full size item. So my total for my Ipsy was actually $25 this month, but I figured why not try the add-ons out (and everyone raves about those Huda liquid lips)!

The bag itself

I love the lemons! Yellow is my favorite color, so I was super happy to see this bag when I tore open the shiny pink packaging. The inside is also a beautiful mint color- funnily enough, it’s the same as the inside of my wallet lol and the tassel on the zipper is very cute as well. I think it’s nice of them to make this bag unique by not having the zipper placement right on top, but a bit (maybe an inch or so) down the front of the bag. Keeping things interesting! Now onto the products…

Billion Dollar Brows fan brush

I was just praising Ipsy last month for only having sent me eyeshadow brushes whenever they’ve included a brush in my bag in the past. I thought that they’d got the hint that I don’t use face makeup with the preferences on my beauty profile and the reviews I’ve left on previous items, but I was disappointed to get this brush in my April bag. I honestly have no use for it, so I’ll most likely be passing it on to one of my sisters or friends…

111Skin Y Theorem repair serum

This was item #5 that I chose myself. I’m definitely glad I picked this one because I didn’t receive any other kind of skincare in this month’s bag. I applied this after cleansing and it felt really nice going on, almost felt like a primer (even though I’ve only tried one of those like one time before). I didn’t see any immediate difference in appearance, but I’m sure it would take a full size of this product to get enough uses in to see results of any kind. I’ll totally be using this until it’s empty. I love serums and this one specifically is a big thumbs up!

Moroccan Magic Argan & essential oils lip balm in peppermint

I was so excited to receive a lip balm (they’re my fave) and it’s neat that this one is so natural, including many great oils like sunflower & coconut to keep lips nourished. This felt cool and refreshing going on and would be even better right after a lip scrub! Perfect for priming lips before starting a makeup look…

Laura Sanchez Moods eyeshadow in rose gold woman

I saw Alex (of Alexandria Ryan Beauty) open the entire palette that this pan comes from, and while I like all the colors in it- I’m glad I received this shade as it’s one I’m familiar with. I LOVE that it’s pink with a gold shift, so Ipsy really nailed this shadow choice. It worked well being applied all over my lid with just my finger (since the brush that came in this bag wouldn’t have been a good choice)…

Sugar Cosmetics Kohl of Honor intense Kajal in black out

Since this isn’t a liquid liner, I didn’t dare try putting on my normal cat eye (haven’t done one with solid liner since probably middle school). Instead, I filled in my upper waterline *is that what it’s called* to help make the whole look pop better without mascara. It worked super well, just like my Almay one!

TheBalm Cosmetics TheBalmJour creamy lip stain in namaste

This was the $3 deluxe sample I added onto my subscription bag for April. After trying it on, I realized I should’ve picked the other shade they had available. It looked a lot different swatched on the app than it came out on my lips IRL…a bit disappointed how it showed up a berry color (which I’ve received before without choosing in almost all of my previous Ipsy’s). I still very much enjoy the formula of this and was impressed by my first product from TheBalm. I’ll use it again for sure, just not my first choice shade-wise!

Huda Beauty matte liquid lipstick in girlfriend

This was the $12 full size product I added to my bag this month. This shade I’m a lot happier with! Honestly though, and I know I may get hate for this, but why does everyone rave about these? The formula was not what I expected since these had been so hyped up. It burned instantly upon application and dried down into the cracks & creases in my lips so bad. It did apply easily and I was able to layer it in the places where it just didn’t stick (for some reason). I didn’t think this looked flattering in person at all, but I managed to get a photo or two where it didn’t look too awful. It also felt sticky towards the middle even after drying. I’m just not a fan of the texture whatsoever. Great color, bad feel. Sorry Huda lovers!

The final look

While I did enjoy most of the products I received this month, it wasn’t my favorite bundle and I certainly was NOT impressed with the add-ons. Unless they showcase something I know I’ll like in the future, I doubt I’ll be paying extra for anything from Ipsy again. The look came together well enough being a super easy one to create. Serum and lip balm first, then eyeshadow all over the lid with my finger and eyeliner in my upper waterline! I added the lip stain because I thought it would match better with the look (because I didn’t know it would be such a berry shade). Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

I for sure loved the bag itself and will definitely use it for other things in the future. I’ll be using most of the products again, minus the fan brush! I’d rate this month’s Ipsy 3.5/5 just because the add-ons weren’t as good of a deal as Ipsy had been raving they were. I’m hoping my reviews of the items I received will help May’s bag be the best one yet (:

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