Hauls t0 the wall (part 1)


It’s finally here- the long awaited, many a time mentioned, clothing haul post! This is part 1 simply because I have another haul that I wanna post, but that one is more or less just “things” and not any clothes. That’ll be posted next Tuesday, directly after this one. I took the final photos for this yesterday, so some may look a bit less posed and a little rushed. I just couldn’t wait any longer to publish what I’ve picked out recently! Let’s jump in…

Graphic tees

I’ll call these graphic tees cause idk what else to name this category lol but they’re basically all the t-shirts I’ve got recently that have pictures or writing on them. They’re all ones I will wear over & over unlike a lot of the hand-me-downs and big pajama tees I’ve owned for years. I honestly might get rid of a good 75-85% of the graphic tees I currently have and keep this collection plus a few other semi-recent buys. I got the Italia shirt from Busch Gardens this past weekend, the Mellow Mushroom shirt from our last visit there (our fave pizza joint), the amazingly-soft FILA top from Nordstrom, the 88rising Guess collaboration shirt online from HBX, and the hilarious Reaper tee online from CoolShirtz (:

Button-up tees

These are two of my favorite shirt purchases in a long time. I love the style of them- a bit boxy which will help keep me cool in summer heat. You’ve seen a ton of photos already of the blue stripey embroidered one in my previous post. It also has tiny eyelets that are perfect for letting air through! This green one is a thicker fabric, but I love the safari style of it. I’m also glad it only has the one pocket as so many women’s tops have two, and I think that looks ridiculous. Spoiler: you’ll be seeing a lot more of this color on me. Idk why, but I’m always drawn to it in stores

Solid & striped short-sleeves

I can’t wait to get rid of so many old short-sleeved shirts now that I have some I like a lot that are new & decent quality. I got these 4 shown above (and a bunch of the other items) from Madewell with a gift card I’d had since Christmas. I love the butterfly-shaped eyelets sewn into the top of the yellow shirt, so it’s less of a casual tee. The orange one is just genuinely a nice solid shirt for whenever I wanna wear some patterned pants lol and the two striped ones are quite similar in color palette. I like the embroidered daisy detail on the more pastel of the two. I also didn’t take pictures of the shorts separately. I picked up this distressed pair, but I must’ve been bloated or something because when I put them on the other day- they seemed really big around the waist. I’m still glad I got them cause it’s essential to have some bigger denim. It can get so uncomfortable in the summer to be wearing tight shorts…

Sleeveless pieces

I’m one sweaty girl when the degrees start to climb, so you know I had to get some sleeveless options too. They had a bunch of different colors of the tied tops, but I chose pink and yellow. They have buttons down the front which let the breeze in through the openings, plus they’re just the tiniest bit cropped. Although the green dress I got has just about ZERO shape to it, I still adore it. There’s that color coming up again! It’s a lightweight material and it falls right above my knee, so it doesn’t make me look too stumpy. The floral top is actually part of a pajama set I got from Anthropologie, but it’s so cute I figured I’d wear it as everyday clothing. I absolutely love the strap details and the white embroidery in front. Sensing some themes with my purchases? Last in this section is an outfit I got super cheap at Target, but it’s perfect for summer. This little yellow tank top fits so well and although the denim shorts are very short, they aren’t uncomfortable. Plus they have little flowers on them- who could resist?

Bottoms & bathing suits

Here’s the pajama pants to match ^ they’re just as thin & breezy as the top. I can’t wait to pull them over my bathing suit for a night walk on the beach this summer. I also picked up another long button-down skirt. This one is almost exactly the same as the bright orange one I have that I love. It’s got a bit of pleating at the top and the material is a tad thinner, but same silhouette. I’ve been enjoying wearing this to work lately. With my daily workouts this year, I’m ready for swimsuits. I got a classic white top/black bottom set from Target and also this yellow top/red bottom set (the ketchup & mustard). I ordered 3 online at Zaful for super cheap and the first one arrived yesterday. I was a little scared they wouldn’t fit, but after trying it on- I was pleasantly surprised that it fit very well! If you’ve ever bought from Zaful (or any online store), then you know the sizing struggle. Hopefully the other 2 suits come in soon…they’re all sun & moon themed (:

Shoes & a jacket

To round up this first batch of my renewed wardrobe, I finally bought myself a pair of Tevas! I kept seeing ads (my biggest weakness) for them everywhere and I honestly don’t have any sandals like them. They’re super comfortable and the most practical “summer shoe” I think I’ve ever owned lol plus they have a sun & moon design which I’m an obvious sucker for. I can finally throw out all the 10-year-old sandals I got for like $5 that are falling apart! I also had to jump on the chunky sneaker bandwagon when I saw these Adidas in such a pretty colorway. They’re not the most comfortable pair, but they’ll get broken in for sure. Last and certainly not least is my PERFECT JACKET that I found at Anthropologie. It falls over my body like nothing else I’ve worn before. I’ve been having trouble throwing on a jacket when we go out lately cause the ones that fit me somewhat well are old and not my style anymore…even though I own a few structured jackets- they are more suited to a fall/winter wardrobe. This jacket instantly felt like “the one” and I know it’s gonna be the one I grab for whenever the temperature dips this coming season (:

That wraps up the recent pick-ups to revamp my wardrobe after I edit the living heck out of my current closet (and bins full of overflow clothes). I’ll try my best to document that process as well and I’ll be putting whatever is still wearable onto my Depop shop for reasonable prices since I’m mostly trying to get rid of things I no longer wear, not aiming to make a killing from it. I just want my “new” closet to be full of stuff I actually want to put on…and I want my old items to go to a new home where someone else wants to put them on! I hope I can achieve that within the next few months cause it’s gonna be a journey lol thanks so much for sticking with me through this long post. I’ll catch ya on Tuesday for part 2 of this haul. Have a great weekend (:

11 thoughts on “Hauls t0 the wall (part 1)

  1. I loved every single piece and enjoyed reading this haul! πŸ’– I love your style and we pretty much have the same fav colours esp. that dark green πŸ™ˆ can’t wait for the 2nd part πŸ”₯

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot! I’m loving the ones I recently got so much more than the old hand-me-downs I never chose for myself πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ spoiler: I’ve got over 3 trash bags full to donate already


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