Heat wave


A lot is going on right now with work, house stuff, and other various stressors lol so this post & possibly some of the upcoming ones won’t be as wordy. But I hope you all still enjoy the photos I’ve taken over the past month or so. We went out a few times during the blazing heat…

The Pit & The Peel

We were in the mall and decided to try out the juice bar that had recently opened. It was extremely hot this day, I remember how sweaty I was lol and we both agreed we needed something to drink to cool off. I really liked the one I got and I wish I could remember the name of it. It was a mix of fruits & veggies which is usually a fave for me anyways, but they weren’t cold. It was like they’d just had the ingredients laying out and threw them all in a blender with no ice or anything. So if we were to go back on another hot day, I think I’d ask them to ice our drinks (:

Clouds of the day

Mini golf

We ended that day with the top down and a round of mini golf! It’d been such a long time since we did one of our favorite outdoor activities, so it was really nice as the sun went down to play a bit. The wind was wicked though, I remember being covered in these things flying off the trees. Safe to say my allergies were worse for wear the next day…

Clouds of the evening

A few thrown into one

These pictures are actually over the course of several HOT days. We’ve been dealing with summer temperatures for a while now and it’s still technically spring! I’m not a fan of the heat or the sweat, but we managed to make the most of even the most uncomfortable of days. I love my sweet man with all my heart. He tolerates my whining & complaining and always does his best to cheer me up & finds a way to turn a bad day better. I’m so lucky to have him in my life and to be moving forward together. Cheers to summer and another to our new house! A huge step for the both of us, but we’re ready and so excited to be moving at the end of next month. A lot more to do in the meantime, but whether it’s juice, mini golf, or stopping to smell the flowers…we’ll work through the stress to have a home of our own (:

I hope you all had a lovely week and enjoy your weekend! As of tomorrow I’ll be on “vacation” which is crazy to me cause in all my years working, this is the first time I’ve got a full PAID week off haha I won’t even know what to do with myself. But I’m sure they’re be a lot of photos taken for the blog. Thanks so much for reading (:

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