Five faves: Media


Subtitle to this post would actually be “Fifteen faves” cause I couldn’t narrow it down to only 5 for the series. Let’s jump in!


1.) Me Before You + Love, Rosie + The Quiet Ones (basically anything with Sam Claflin)

2.) A Quiet Place (a horror that isn’t classic horror with tons of gore/disturbing images)

3.) Star Trek & Star Trek: Into Darkness (another trend you’ll find is anything with Zachary Quinto is immediately a fave)

4.) The Maze Runner trilogy

5.) Alien & all Alien-related films

(Cable) TV Shows

1.) Friends

2.) The Office (U.S. version)

3.) Teen Wolf (MTV)

4.) Lucifer (seasons 1-3, 4 is on Netflix)

5.) Heroes (Zachary Quinto KILLS in this)


Netflix Shows

1.) Peaky Blinders

2.) Daredevil

3.) Medici

4.) Insatiable

5.) Sabrina


1.) *before she quit: Marzia Bisognin

2.) Pewdiepie (cause sometimes she’ll still be in his videos lol)

3.) Idubbbz

4.) Jenna & Julien

5.) Alexandria Ryan

I’m hoping you enjoyed this extended list of my “five” faves as far as media is concerned. I do have a few more in this series brainstormed, even though it’s taken me 4 months to post the second one. Let me know in the comments some themes/categories you’d like to see more of in this format! Thanks so much for your support (:

15 thoughts on “Five faves: Media

  1. Omg, maya is so cute!! I miss Marzia’s content! I wish she were still on youtube vlogging and so forth! So excited for her wedding! Thanks for sharing your five faves, there are alot of things I haven’t tried before! And also, I love idubbbz too, he is freaking hilarious to me, too bad he posts so irregularly.

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  2. YO SAM CLAFLIN IS JUST 😍😍😍 I watched me before you and fell in love and then I watched love Rosie and dhgsysjssgsh holyyyy. Shhh you’re taken so he’s mine. πŸ˜‚ I LOVE maze runner omggg. I didn’t watch death cure yet thooo. The picture of you with ‘thats pretty good’ is ICONIC. Hmm some ideas for this series – my top 5 bloggers? my top 5 places I went to? my top 5 high school memories? Ooh I love the last one please do it πŸ˜‚ Love this post!!

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    1. πŸ₯° you’re truly the best πŸ₯° your comments always give me life! I’ll def keep those suggestions in mind and see if I can get some ideas for them, thanks!

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