June’s n0tes


Happy July! Last month was a tough one. Personally, I’ve been super stressed and really struggling with myself. In June, we got our pre-approval, found a house, had our offer accepted, and so much more important steps towards moving into our first home together. Even though I had my staycation during all that, it still left me feeling overwhelmed and ultimately took over my motivation to complete my goals as well as I would’ve wanted had I been in a better headspace. It’s not to say I failed any of them or am disappointed in myself. I just wanted to write down an acknowledgment of my state for June to prepare myself for a much better July…

Begin reading Lion: A Long Way Home

This one was kind of a silly goal. Looking back, I think I should’ve come up with something better or a bit more challenging. It could’ve been to finish the book entirely, but I think even at the end of May- I was ready for a break or an easy out to make myself feel better for checking off a monthly goal early… I started the book and did read a good way into it, but I’m gonna try to read a lot more if not all of it this month. It won’t be a note for July though (:

Put together my “new” wardrobe

This is a goal I can technically say I achieved just by the way I happened to word it. I did the bare minimum. What I really wanted to do was put all my clothes away, but I ended up leaving the ones I’d have to sort into my dresser drawers in folded piles on the floor of our bedroom. I did hang up all the clothes included in my redone wardrobe AKA the aftermath of editing literally all of my clothing. So I did accomplish my note! Every time I had “extra” time to store the rest of the clothes, I just didn’t feel like doing it. I never really had the push to get it done because I kept thinking about how I’d have to pack it all up to move at the end of July anyways, so why bother? It was a lazy excuse, but hopefully I’ll get it figured out soon…whether it be putting them in my dresser or just straight into boxes (:

^ I took progress pictures of my face (up close) every Saturday in June to show it’s ups and downs, the regimen settling back in, and when breakouts were worst. Looking at these really makes me realize how stress has ruined my skin lately…

Get skin back on track/in sync again

This was the goal I was actually super focused on this month because my skin was freaking out in May from all the work stress. If you remember from one of my previous posts, I explained I had some kind of “flare up” on my face that had me in the ER I was so scared I was having an allergic reaction or something. They determined it wasn’t that, but more likely stress that had manifested on my skin (and I’m still randomly itchy). So they recommended I use only Cetaphil to wash my face for at least a week. My skin hated this probably as much as I hated the smell of public bathroom hand soap on my face every morning & night. I knew to follow the doctor’s orders if I wanted my skin to heal from that bad reaction though. Especially before I started back into my multi-step process of skincare. Starting over was still a shock to my system, but I put together a strict routine for myself to complete each morning and evening of EVERY SINGLE DAY in June. I also did some masks throughout the month to reduce toxins in my skin, soothe the redness from the flare-up, and rebalance my tone overall. The spots on my face I was worried about at the beginning of the month have truly faded now. Although, the stress of the home buying process hit me hard enough to spring a bunch of breakouts across my face… I’ve been doing my best to heal & shrink the blemishes I have now so I can make any scars go away as quickly as possible. I know it’ll take time and the added effort of me eating better, but I’m determined to get my skin back to completely clear (:

I’ve thought through my notes for July a bit better than these, so hopefully that post at the beginning of August won’t look so pathetic lol I’m so ready to be out of this apartment and moving into our new home at the end of this month! I know it’ll help my stress levels go down tremendously, and I also have a doctor’s appointment set up next week for the residual itching… I hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far and I do apologize for being so awfully late reading some of your posts! I’m trying to do better all around (: thank you so much for the constant support and positive feedback you’ve given me on this blog. I really appreciate it xo

7 thoughts on “June’s n0tes

  1. Oh man, sounds like June was kinda tough. But the light at the end of that tunnel is taking all those steps for your first home which is great! Ah, I hope you get to finish your book this month! Urgh, that ‘push’ you talk about can be so elusive sometimes. Wow, you have such a comprehensive skincare routine! How are the sunday riley products? Are they any good? And I hope you’ll cope better with your stress this month and your skin goes back to normal! And take your time alright, work on yourself first! Here’s to a great July! 🤗🥂

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    1. You’re amazing for always giving these crazy-good comments, I can’t thank you enough 💛 about the Sunday Riley products: I wish they didn’t work well haha cause they’re way more than I wanna spend on skincare, but they’re incredible! I love them and I’m gonna try my best not to try any of their other products cause the cleanser & toner are plenty to fill my shopping cart 😅 def a splurge purchase or a perfect gift idea. Hope you have a spectacular July too, thanks again xo

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      1. OH NO, HAHAHA. I’ve been so reluctant to try because of that. “What if my skin loves it!?” HAHA. Thank you and you’re welcome! 😂

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  2. Sorry to hear June was stressful…but at least it was stressful for a really exciting reason! Can’t wait to hear more about your new home! The skin flare up looks like it’s pretty much completely gone – but you’re gorgeous either way 🙂

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