Members 0nly


A stress-free, carefree, summer-loving post from someone who is none of those things! But in all seriousness this was such a wonderful day spent happily with Justin & his brother during the end of my staycation week. I need more days like this one in my life…

Lewis Ginter botanical gardens

I was gifted a season membership to this beautiful park and it came with two day passes for guests (Justin & his brother). So we spent a few hours walking the entire place and soaking in as much sunshine & pretty plants as we could! It was a warm, but still lovely day and I think we all really enjoyed it. Afterwards we went out for dinner and dessert as you may have seen some pictures of in my previous post(s). I know we’re really only just getting into summer, but I hope we get more days like this one. The fresh air & flowers are good for my soul (:

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a fun, safe weekend xo

8 thoughts on “Members 0nly

  1. Aaaah the garden is so so pretty! Your photos are amazzzzzing. You look stunning in all of these and nature is definitely a breather for the soul especially with all the city chaos. Also, I’m slightly mad that you picked Justin’s brother over the one and only ME to third wheel. Like I just feel so betrayed right now *cue the Kim Kardashian tissues* Haha jokes but I’m glad you had a great time. Amazing post!

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    1. Hahaha come on over! We can totally go together πŸ€— your comments are always the best, thank you so much for the constant support & positivity!!!


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