Gucci gang


Today’s post is a photo-dump that’s been a long time coming, a compilation of OOTD’s that had me feeling myself. Enjoy!

It’s always nice to reminisce on times when my skin was clear…and just avoid the mirror (and camera) currently while I work on getting back to that LOL hope you liked these looks from many moons ago!

10 thoughts on “Gucci gang

  1. Oooooookay Kityp0p is looking gorgeous AGAIN. I love the modest twist on these and those wide pantssssss tho – you know my obsession with wide pants. And I love the necklace with the purple blouse! ❤

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  2. Miss reading you 🙈
    Enjoyed every picture and please share more of these 💖 and we love you no matter how your skin or shape is 💖💖

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