Simply by design


Justin & I were stopped by a man about 2 months ago who asked about Justin’s car. He gets people doing that all the time, but this guy gave us a bunch of info about a showcase he’d be hosting that was centered around Italian design. He invited us & asked if Justin would like to show his car as part of the event. We were very excited as that usually isn’t the way those conversations go! We got his card + a brochure sort of describing his mission and waited to hear more. The other day, Justin texts me to ask if I could join him at the event the next day (which I happened to already have off), so of course I said yes!


I was very excited to spend the better half of my day off catching up on quite a bit of self-care. This included repainting my nails, double masks, and actually putting on eyeliner for the first time in weeks! I was also looking forward to pairing one of my favorite dresses with my Coach loafers + bucket bag. I thought it all came together very well and accented by Marzia’s jewelry made it that much more ITALIAN ❤

Justin looked so handsome in his button up and Gucci bee cardigan + some loafers of his own of the same brand. I got him to take a bunch of pictures of me, but of course his car was what got us to the event in the first place…so I took some of it too (:


Almost every label was marked part of the collection of Maurice Beane, the man who was hosting & invited us ^ pictured with Justin above. He owns some incredible pieces of Italian art/furniture/etc. He was so happy we could make it and that Justin brought his car to be a part of the showcase. We had our pictures taken by a professional photographer (and of course with the car) out in the rain later that evening. Apparently it’s gonna be in a magazine so that’s wild! We met a man who brought his Maserati to show & talked with his wife about that supercar-owner-partner struggle lol there was food in two different rooms + wine and other drinks complimentary. It was all wonderful! We spent about 3 hours just browsing the massive collection of unique items Maurice had brought together at the Branch museum of architecture & design. He said there was a turnout of around 300 people! At the end of the night, while saying our thank you’s and goodbyes- he welcomed us to “the club” as well as extending us another invitation to an event in August that he’d be hosting at the same place: Lamborghini Day! We’re very much looking forward to that, but hoping it won’t be too hot as we’ll be outside the whole time…

Maurice wants to host more events like the design showcase with different items and more from other people around Virginia. He especially wants to get more clothing in and I was thinking I could contribute my jewelry collections from Marzia’s Maì business, since I have 4 of them! Wouldn’t it be cool to send her the magazine showing her products over here? I think so (:


Back home, we removed our uncomfortable footwear and slid into cozy socks as we lounged on the couch. A peaceful, happy evening like that together is what I need in my life- actual productive days off that don’t feel like more work! It was also super fun to dress up, put on makeup again, and go out to an event AND NOT SPEND MONEY lol I seriously can’t wait til we close on this house and can use credit cards again (‘:

Sorry about the oversaturation of Italian-ness the past couple posts, but I honestly can’t help it. I wanna visit whatever family I have left over there someday, the entire culture is so beautiful & interesting to me!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Thank you so much for reading xo

6 thoughts on “Simply by design

  1. First of, your dress and shoes are gorgeous! And that flick! How cool that his beautiful car somehow got yall into the event! And it looks so interesting too! Oh wow, how trippy would it be for Marzia!!! Yesss dress up + makeup + a nice night out WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY yesss yess. Have a lovely weekend to you too!

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