Full 3rd quarter


Summer season is kicking with Marzia’s subscription box featuring art/designs by Haley Blais & Erin Lougheed. This one is jam packed with goodies, so let me share them with you!

So many products

2 mini primers (in adorable packaging)

A cleanser from a brand I already know I love: Elemis & the superfood stuff smells so wonderful like fresh veggies

A body balm from another fabulous brand

Amika came to play with a brass-beating treatment that makes me wanna lighten my ends again (maybe soon)

Tested out some yummy gummy vitamins

Had a second crack at the coffee-tasting teas from Teeccino & this time I liked them!

A gold shimmery eyeliner pencil (that’ll go perfectly with some Ipsy items I got…)

AND last but certainly not least were the custom items designed to go in this box by the spectacular artists Marzia chose to collaborate with: a smiley harmonica, a quirky colorful print, and a music notepad

This box was curated so well and I’m genuinely really happy with it. Always fun to see which brands she keeps consistent with and the new ones she adds in over time! Looking forward to the next one (fall season) arriving on the doorstep of our new home…we close in 5 days, can you believe it? Gotta pack! Bye (:

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