Ipsy f0r June


I was thinking of lumping this together with my July bag for Friday’s post, but I honestly don’t have any other ideas for posts besides the monthly ones I have coming up. This is super late because (for the first and hopefully last time), the postal service lost my June Ipsy bag. Luckily, I was able to get a replacement after I noticed my tracking didn’t update for an entire week. When my bag did get to me, a few items were different (which they warned me about previously in an e-mail and I was fine with), but one of my items was also missing. In my replacement bag, I had only received 4 products + the add-on I had purchased. I know I said I wouldn’t do it again, but I couldn’t resist lol I didn’t add anything to July’s bag…not after this mess! So I had to wait even longer to get my entire month’s products together. I received that missing item on the same day I got my Ipsy bag for July. I’ll round off my “late post” excuses there JUSTIFIED

The bag & the collab

Last month’s Ipsy as a whole was actually really well done & I was excited for it initially! They did a collaboration with Tetris and had an entire makeup collection available. The bags were themed too, with different colors and geometric designs on them. I love that they added a “piece” as the zipper! The outside material has sort of a rough leather feel while the lining is that classic vinyl to make cleaning them easy. It even has Tetris x Ipsy printed all over the inside! Originally, I was supposed to get the yellow-orange bag (as I saw on the app) so I was disappointed to have received the red one as replacement…

Farmacy hydrating & brightening coconut gel masks

I was so happy to see I still received the same face masks I had in my virtual-original bag (per the products listed on the app). I was really excited to try out something from the Farmacy brand & also looking forward to having Justin try one. He used the hydrating one and I used the brightening one. The material was neat, almost like a stretchy rice paper. They were very thin, but adhered super well and stayed comfortable the whole time we had them on. We both agreed our faces felt great afterwards: pampered. But I don’t think I noticed any immediate brightness difference in my skin. Still rate them a 5/5

Delectable by Cake Beauty triple citrus blend butter wash body polish

This was something I was hoping might be out of stock by the time they had packed up my replacement as I wasn’t in the market for a product like this. I already have a scrub I adore! While items from Cake Beauty typically smell extra sweet, that’s not really what I want rubbed all over me. So I might be using this on just my feet or something… I gave it a rating of 3/5

Fluide 7-free polish in the shade Secret Project Robot

What is with the super weird names?? But a more important question is: another blue nail polish, Ipsy?? I received a sparkly blue one a few months back and made sure to review it poorly as it wasn’t something I wanted to get again in a future bag, but here we are. I was hoping this would be replaced by some other item too after seeing it on the app. Now I was happier with the shade after applying it, moreso than just how it looked in the bottle or on the picture in the app. But it’s still not a color I would’ve picked cause I much prefer warm tones on my nails and blues always smear everywhere during removal. I put on 2 coats, but it probably would’ve needed 3 to be TOTALLY opaque. Somehow it seemed to make my nails feel weaker (more bendable) after painting this on them. It lasted about a week before chipping badly enough for me to warrant taking it off… had to rate this 3/5

RealHer moisturizing lipstick in the shade Sorry, Not Sorry

This was the literally long-awaited item they had to send me separately from the already replaced bag. I wasn’t looking forward to it as I’d seen Alexandria try the same one on in her Ipsy video and I knew the color wouldn’t be for me. First of all it’s so freaking tiny! Second, the shade is like BUBBLEGUM pink (didn’t come out the same IRL as the photos). For a lipstick that’s advertised as moisturizing, it did feel nice on my lips, but it seemed to smear & bleed around my mouth. I think because my lips were already pretty hydrated, it also fell into the lines of my lips quite a bit… not impressed, so this one got rated 3/5

Tetris x Ipsy eyeshadow in the shade Game Night

On the app, it showed I was originally going to receive this eyeshadow in a silver shade called T-spin. I wasn’t disappointed with the change until I unpacked my Marzia’s box and found the gold shimmery eyeliner pencil…which would’ve been really cool looking with a silver lid. But I’ll see what I can make of it! I didn’t try this one out yet because it’s been 200 degrees around here lately. I can’t bring myself to put any makeup on in this crazy humidity. I’m gonna give a rating estimate of 4/5

Hey Honey sweet treat wild berry & honey yogurt recovery mask

An add-on, I know, I’m the worst. But they’ve got me hooked when they give me crap in my bag and then dangle things I’d actually want in my face for only $3 haha this one caught my eye cause of that magical word: recovery. My skin needs a pound and a half of RECOVERY after the stresses I’ve been dealing with recently. I’ve used this mask about 4 or 5 times, and I think I’m coming to the end of it (sadly). I really liked the way it felt on my skin! Because it’s a yogurt mask, it’s nice and thick with a strange scent that’s not bad- just different than what I’m used to. It does dry down some while you wait for it to sink in, but it doesn’t get uncomfortable on your face. Rinsing off: medium difficulty. Rating: 4/5

What a rollercoaster. Adding insult to injury, we won’t be able to close on the house tomorrow (maybe not even this week) because our lender & underwriter is taking way too long to finalize our loan. Somehow with 2 months notice of our closing date, they still couldn’t get everything in order in a timely manner. So I’m trying my best to keep my cool (probably unsuccessfully), but it’s really stressing me the heck out. I just can’t wait to have it all over with and move into our home… I already had to leave my work early the other day cause I had a tendinitis flare-up in my shoulder that made my entire arm useless. My doctor wasn’t in to give cortisone shots, so I’m hoping I can schedule those tomorrow. That way I won’t be completely useless whenever we get to the meat of packing & moving things. I took tomorrow off specifically for closing and now that they aren’t even sure when we’ll be able to, it seems I may not be able to give work even a day’s notice as to when they’ll have to find coverage for me. I’m a wreck lol sorry. I hope y’all enjoyed my crazy June Ipsy bag and all it’s woes! Enjoy the rest of your week & as always thank you so very much for reading (:

3 thoughts on “Ipsy f0r June

  1. The lip colour is so pretty, but such a shame it didn’t have the best formula! I am also not a huge fan of body polishes, I find them so scratchy and make my skin so irritated. I love this post, your hauls are my fav! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! I’m hoping Ipsy steps up their game with the upcoming bags (: I’ve been trying to give reviews in a way they’ll better understand what I want/don’t want


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