That new-new


We’re trying to be completely moved out of the apartment this weekend! It’s been difficult when I have to work every single day, but we don’t have too much left to bring over into the house. So wish us luck…

Summer self care voxbox

I haven’t had much spare time to truly test out any of these products fully, but I wanted to share what I received on the blog! So I added a few other new items along with what Influenster sent me (free) in this bright green box (:

Hair products

I got 2 different hair products in this box. One slightly more familiar than the other, but both things I’ve never tried! I received a little bottle of wave spray from Amika that I’m excited to try out, but might save it until I cut my hair shorter…not sure I’d have any left after one use in these long locks! The other item is a lot larger and something I’m much more interested in. It’s a water defense pre-wash for using before you shower. It’s supposed to help the strands stand up better to the damage that water can cause, making it stronger after you’ve shampooed & conditioned. This is made by a brand I haven’t heard of before called Aquis Prime. I’m glad it comes in a big bottle cause I wanna be able to test it multiple times and see if it works well enough to purchase regularly. If you see any of these products show up in my favorites for next month, then you’ll know I enjoyed them!

Green & clean

These effervescent tabs are packed full of green goodness, but man does it taste just as nasty as you’d expect. I tried this with Justin and we both really disliked it. I wish I liked them cause all the ingredients seem super healthy and good for you…sadly, would not recommend if you’re looking for a yummy beverage lol

Bat them lashes

I’m excited to try this out and meant to start when I first got the voxbox, but I kept forgetting. Now I’m not sure which box I’ve packed it in while we were moving things! When I find it, I’ll definitely begin using it nightly and let you guys know my results (:

Have you ever tried a lash serum? What did you think of it? What was the experience like overall? Let me know in the comments!


We went a little nuts at Target the other night picking out super cute decor for our new home, but we did get some essential lighting accents. Justin chose a rare white salt lamp to purify his office space…while I opted for a color-changing LED cactus to act as a night light for my kitty who’s chosen the far spare room of our house to take his snoozes in! They’re both super cool and I’m excited to share more of what we got in my favorites & notes posts coming up in a few weeks ❤

Clearing it all up

My skin has been on a roller coaster lately with the change in environment, the stress oozing out of my whole body, and the drastic differences in my eating & exercise routines, but I’m taking care of it the best I can. That includes buying full sizes of products I love and have torn through already (stay tuned for those in this month’s favorites post). Also sticking to a routine and not being harsh with any breakouts I’ve noticed has helped even it out a lot. I plucked these masks off the aisle at Target because those are actually my big trouble spots currently. My chin has been wild and for the first time I’ve got a few blackheads on my forehead…not sure how well these masks helped, but it’s the little bits that add up to fully healing my skin!


Now, for the thing I’m most excited to share cause I honestly think they’re a really neat idea/product: MONQ essential oil diffusers. Justin introduced me to the brand and was telling me all about the benefits of the different ones they offer. We saw them in store and picked up 2 each, but they’re actually cheaper online so I bought 5 which was part of a deal they were running- meaning they cost even less each than normal. Justin chose the ones he wanted to try which claim to help energize & motivate…while the ones I picked out are meant to relax & mellow out lol we’re on far different sides of the scale currently! We did swap a couple and try the others. Overall they smell lovely and don’t taste too weird (although there were some of his that I didn’t like). I would definitely recommend these to anybody looking to try something new that has added benefits (:

I hope you enjoyed this short dip into some of the new products I’ve hoarded in over the past couple weeks or so. I’m sure my posts will settle back down to normal soon once the moving process is completely over and we never have to look at that apartment ever again…can you tell I’m ready to unpack here yet? Haha hope you all have a wonderful weekend (:

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