Ipsy f0r September


I’d like to alternately title this month’s bag: Super Small September (you’ll see why)

The bag

The shining star and would-be saving grace for September’s Ipsy is THIS BAG ^ it’s by far my favorite bag I’ve ever received. I was just saying last month how I wish they’d match the inside liner color match better with the outside (cause they used the usual bright pink with August’s dark green outside) and they somehow heard me! I love the navy satin inside lining to this bag and the design/color/texture on the outside is completely RIGHT up my alley, plus that zipper detail?? Perfect. The “Ipsy” on the back is in gold to match the zipper, so it’s twice as nice that it’s barely visible. I can definitely see myself using this over & over again for whatever I can fit in it! Now that I’ve gone over-the-top with positivity, let’s get onto the product reviews…

Super small September

You can probably see why I’m subtitling this post ^ some of the tiniest items I’ve ever received in my Ipsy bag even though the packaging was deceiving. Here are my reviews on each…

Murad hydro-dynamic ultimate moisturizer

This one gets the first super small award. The package is like 4x bigger than the actual product ^ do you see that comparison photo? Ridiculous. I just don’t understand how I’m supposed to formulate any kind of honest opinion on this if I can’t get enough uses out of it to even tell. The instructions say to use on face, neck, and chest…of a baby? Like who is that small? But I gave it a go anyways, so here’s my “review” of this item: I didn’t have to use a ton of product cause it is quite thick, but it just kind of sat on my skin. I tried rubbing it in but didn’t feel much absorption at all. After a few minutes- it didn’t even feel like I had used any moisturizer. Idk if you’re supposed to use layers of this stuff or what, but I’ll see if Justin likes it cause I won’t be using it again…

Benefit Cosmetics gimme brow+ volumizing eyebrow gel in 4.5 neutral deep brown

Another winner of the super small award. If you know me, read my posts, etc. you’ll know that I really only wear eye makeup & lipstick. I’ve never used anything in my brows and never will, so I’m very confused as to why I received this product. I made it abundantly clear in my “beauty profile” on the Ipsy app that I don’t use brow stuff. It looks like it wouldn’t even be dark enough for my brows, so even more confusion…like why did they send me this? Just WHY? Safe to say I didn’t try it. I just made sure to give a low rating on the app ):

Coloured Raine Cosmetics eyeshadow in the shade Glamour

Yet another shimmery/glitter shade in my Ipsy bag. Do we have a tally of how many I’ve received since I started my subscription? We need a tally, for real. It seems to be the only finish of shadow they ever send me. I don’t think I’d be able to make an eye look with all the shadows they’ve sent me over the months cause they’re all shimmers or glittery! I wanted to do that btw, but more of the review: I applied this with my finger to the brow bones & my inner corners for a accent highlight since I was tired of doing all-over-the-lid looks like in my previous try-ons. I was hoping it would be kind of subtle since it looked more shimmery in the pan, but it’s TOO GLITTERY

Too Faced: Damn Girl! mascara

I don’t mind receiving another mascara cause at this point I won’t have to buy any for at least a year once I cycle through all the sample sized ones I have! I was excited to see this brand in my bag as I’ve heard great things about them and spoiler- they did NOT disappoint. Can we just stop & day how crazy that brush at the end of the wand is? Wow. Here’s what I thought after applying, wearing, and taking it off for 3 days in a row: it’s fantastic! It applied pretty smoothly with little to no clumps, but of course I had to clean up the mess I’d made on my eyelids afterwards cause I’m so not used to the puffy brush. I could even use this on my bottom lashes without it looking nasty or smudging underneath (most mascaras are much too heavy for to use that way). It also wore throughout the 90-degree days incredibly! It didn’t flake anywhere under or around my eyes which is a major plus cause now that I’ve put it to the test, anytime I wear it again I know I don’t have to check in the mirror every few hours. The best part IMO was how easily I was able to remove it. Just a cotton pad with some micellar water took it all off without flaking, pulling, or melting around my eyes. I also didn’t wake up the next morning with raccoon eyes (cause I was able to actually remove ALL of it). Yay (:

OFRA x Madison Miller liquid lipstick in the shade My Ry Ry

Now I wasn’t too happy with this product, but I’m pretty sure it’s the exact same shade I got in a previous bag that I’d received an OFRA liquid lip in…still haven’t unpacked that box to check though. It’s like just a tad lighter cause I know I liked the one before better. This color sits in my lip lines and looks horrible, it also dries down worse than the other one. I still like them cause they don’t make my mouth feel awful like a few other liquid lippies I’ve tried (looking at you HUDA). I just wouldn’t reach for it in my lipstick drawer next time I’m putting together a look /:

The final look

Here’s all the products, minus the brow gel, on my face together ^ it’s a super casual look. I like it, but would obviously add my cat eye liner + a different lipstick. You’ll see that in some upcoming posts cause I kept using the mascara all weekend! Hope you enjoyed this Ipsy review for September. Favorites are coming soon so stay tuned (:

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  1. Looove the bag! πŸ˜πŸ’œ and I love how you chose a subtitle for this post, haha. WordPress should make that a title option (where you can add a subtitle)! That would be funny πŸ˜‚

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