Feelin’ fall


It FINALLY feels like fall! The temps are steady this week in the upper 60s/lower 70s! I wanted to celebrate that by sharing some super autumn-inspired photos we took when we picked out pumpkins a week or two ago…

Shades of orange

We found some gorgeous gourds at the nursery that’s a minute down the road from our new house! I wanted to visit it since we moved in, and it was way cooler than I expected. They had so much stuff & the size of the grounds blew me away. It was way hotter than it should’ve been when we walked around there- but I wanna go back now that the temps are going down. That way we can spend even more time exploring (:

I know this one was kinda short, but I have so many posts lined up that I’m super excited about. Lots more fall fun coming up & birthday stuff too. Thank you all so much for the constant support. See ya soon!

5 thoughts on “Feelin’ fall

  1. Those pumpkins look so colorful and amazing! I’m so jealous because I’ve always wanted to go to a pumpkin patch but they’re fairly new to ireland and since I moved to France it basically doesn’t exist! I love how you decorated your doorstep with them too!

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    1. Thanks! I hope you find one or get to visit one soon (: I love searching for unique ones- Justin picked out the white one without the stem. There were so many others with stems, but he wanted that one haha

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      1. I’m crossing my fingers for it! ❤
        They seriously look like cartoon pumpkins haha its crazy! I never even noticed it didn't have a stem xD I guess if you decide to carve it then it won't matter too much haha

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