It’s my turn


Growin’ on up! It’s MY “Jordan year” now as I turned 23 at the beginning of this month. I didn’t have any crazy plans of celebrating, but we still had a wonderful day together…

Bday girl magic

The look ^ I had recently ordered Colourpop’s lilac palette from their monochromatic collection for myself to try out on my birthday as I love purple shadow looks for brown eyes! This was my first time trying one of their palettes and the shadows are amazing. I love the balance of mattes/shimmers/glitters & they all blend beautifully- even for an amateur like me lol

Breakfast of bday girl

One of my coworkers had seen a gluten-free breakfast place in the city that she thought I would like. It’s called 521 Biscuits & Waffles and it was so yummy! I got the sampler which is just a giant waffle that has 4 different toppings (one type on each quadrant). It was crazy filling lol Justin got an egg biscuit thing that he said was super tasty. We really enjoyed our breakfast out (:

More goodies

Justin was kind enough to buy me Angels on Bare Skin from Lush, which I’ve been wanting to try forever! Some other gifts that came in time for my birthday included my first purchases from Colourpop’s sister skincare company Fourth Ray & a refill on my niacinamide solution from The Ordinary (they have a bigger bottle available now). My October subscription from Simple Loose Leaf also arrived in time to be a present, but we haven’t tried all of them yet!

It keeps on going

After a quick stop at home for a wardrobe change, we went back out in search of picture frames for all the art I have to hang in our house. We didn’t spend nearly as much as I thought we would ^ thanks in part to Michael’s great prices and the added benefit of a frame sale they were running- great timing for that or what? And of course you know I had to get myself a greenity drinkity for turning 23 (:

Can we just talk about my handsome man trying to steal the show in those selfies? Wow, what a stunner ❀

Dinner & shops

Even though we went to Outback for Justin’s birthday, I still wanted to go for mine too. Their filet is awesome & they have this mixed drink that tastes like candy. It was all fantastic, they even brought out a dessert and sang to me lol afterwards you know we had to swing by Sephora for my FREE gift, but Justin bought me the Daisy Bloom perfume that I’ve been wanting- so sweet of him! Then we had a try on session at Madewell right before they closed. Found a few fabulous pieces, so thank you JUSTIN (: made my birthday a lovely one!

The days following

The Friday after my actual birthday, we went to the State Fair as per tradition. I’ll have a whole post on that coming up, that’s why I didn’t include any photos here. The Saturday after, Justin accompanied me to my best friend’s baby shower. It was a ton of fun catching up and playing the silly games. She’s having a girl!!! That evening, we drove out to my mom’s house for dinner and to meet her boyfriend for the first time. Mom asked what I wanted to eat, and she made the BEST beef stroganoff (gluten-free) with meatballs instead of the normal cuts. Not to mention the brownies & fruity rum drinks she whipped up for dessert. She got me gifts for my birthday AND for our housewarming which was so nice. I didn’t get pics of everything, but I snapped a funny shot of the placemats on our table (we need to add the leaf for them to all fit). She got us a pumpkin bowl too- that we filled with dinner mints we grabbed at the fair lol

Overall, it was an incredible long-weekend of fun, friends, and family. I’m so grateful for everyone in my life- they’ve all been so supportive! As have all of you, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people/community to blog with. Cheers to many more posts!

14 thoughts on “It’s my turn

  1. Ahhhh, I really want that colourpop palette too but international shipping pains me! I love the whole purple look you got going on! Oof, please please let me know your experience with Fourth Ray Beauty becuase I’ve been contemplating purchasing it but I’m not sure the face milk is necessary! Congratulations to your friend! Your birthday weekend sounds absolutely fantastic, surrounded by the ones you love! And last but not least, Happy 23rd Shannon! I love reading your blog and I love getting to know you through this medium! I’ll be 23 real soon too so I’ll meet you there in a jiffy hehe!

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  2. It’s nice you got to do so much on your special day of the year πŸ™ˆπŸŽ‰ happy belated birthday πŸŽ‰ and you rocked that makeup lookπŸ™ˆ 🌹

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love how the purple eye shadow looks on you!! It’s gorgeous! ❀ Happy belated birthday! Those birthday waffles look amazing, my goodness! I'm hungry now xD

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