Hey, Hall0weenie


My (very late) Halloween post is here! We went to an amusement park a few days before the actual holiday, then dressed up & stayed home to hand out goodie bags the night of…

Haunt @ KD

Me, Justin, and his family visited our nearby theme park during their Halloween event this year ^ the stuff in the shops/all the decor was my favorite part! They did go thru a few of the haunted houses and mazes & we did ride one ride. It was quite chilly and drizzled a lil on us, but still a lot of fun. A great way to get into the spooky spirit before Halloween (:

Halloween morning

We got our costumes out and headed to work on decorating the outside of our house with the stuff we found in a box from when we’d packed it all up the previous year ^ our bookshelf still looks the same lol I put Oscar in his angler fish hat while Justin helped put lights on the front porch & enjoyed the nice, mild weather!

Our costumes

Unfortunately, Justin’s pants for his costume were pre-ordered from Tsuki’s recent space collection that experienced a delay in production…so they still haven’t arrived. He just swapped for a different pair & looked stunning as an astronaut! I was supposed to be a fortune teller, but we kept laughing about how much I looked like a pirate too. I got the top from a costume store, but it’s such good quality- I’d def wear it again. The headpiece is actually a table decoration that I thought would look better than it did lol same with the hand wraps… I was happiest with the Colourpop makeup (which took me 10 tries) and the socks that I ordered from Dollskill. It was my first time buying from them and I love the frills on the edges! Anyways, the family photos of the three of us are my fave ❤

The final look

I think our house looked so in spirit of spookiness while still being inviting! We got 11 trick-or-treaters, but it’s nice giving away goodie bags cause we can save them year after year. Nothing in them to go bad like candy would. Hopefully next year even more will show up, but we’re gonna try to have people over for a party too…

I’ll end it with this lovely screenshot of my tweet about Danny’s song that he almost immediately liked hahaha just cracked me up- if you haven’t seen his music video, go watch!

Happy super belated Halloween to all you spooky, scary skeletons. Thanks so much for reading. Hope you have an awesome rest of your week (we got our first snow of the season today)!

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