Fr0gged d0wn


A frog post/shoulder update! All these posts seem so behind to me cause so much happened in October. But I figured I’d balance out all the negativity/complaints with some adorable photos of Fear & Misery- cause who can resist smiling when seeing them? (:

My shoulders & skin

I got the PRP done for my tendonitis and I think it really helped! They spun my blood to concentrate it then she shot it directly into 6 different muscle areas in my shoulders. The numbing stuff didn’t last long at all and I couldn’t move my arms much for a good week. I started on a new vitamin regimen to help with the healing & I’m continuing to not take my prescription pain medicine. I’ve actually only had to take Tylenol sparingly since! I’ve started using the elliptical at home more, doing my yoga again, and still trying physical therapy exercises to see if they help even more. I’ll be elaborating on my recovery more in November’s notes- my first post of December. I also finally contacted a dermatologist about the random breakout I’ve recently been dealing with. I’ve never had it this bad, even during puberty, so I knew I really needed professional help. I had been trying all the recommended at-home cures for what I diagnosed as subclinical acne, but I kept reading that it can be super stubborn and often requires Rx creams to make it go away completely. That’s exactly what I got, along with a solution & spironolactone. I’ve been using them consistently for a little over a month now. I’ve seen insane improvement from where my skin was before the doctor visit. It did plateau a bit, but upping my dose of spironolactone will hopefully stimulate more clearing of my skin in the coming weeks. I’ve also caved and addressed the perioral dermatitis I’ve struggled with for a few months. I thought I could get it to go away on my own, but the doctor informed me it can be just as stubborn (if not more) than the acne I’m currently trying to clear. So I’ve got a new nightly Rx face wash and some antibiotics that should reduce the symptoms around my mouth in the next few months *hopefully*

Happy hoppers

Now to lift the mood: Fear & Misery! They’ve settled in incredibly well to our new home and have been loving life. We took them out a few times over the last couple months to let them play on some paper towels (while Oscar was locked away ofc). Justin also deep-cleaned their tank which I’m sure they appreciated just as much as I did! Misery is still trying to fit her fat body into that orange & Fear still loves laying in his food bowl. We caught them both in the water dish together last night, but I couldn’t get a photo ):

Overall, I’m on the uphill finally with my shoulders and now- my skin too! And the froggies are feelin’ fine. Hope you guys have been enjoying your November and I’ll catch ya at the end of the week. Thanks for reading xo

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