Rebranding me


I wanna start this post off by better explaining the title. I’m putting myself through this process for me, not for others. My biggest goal from all of it is to stop complaining & wallowing in negativity when there’s a problem, instead just keep trying different things until it’s solved. I’m refocusing “my personal brand” because I understand social media can bring us all down if we’re following the wrong people. I don’t wanna be the wrong person for any of you to follow, but I also want to maintain the transparency I’ve created with this blog. I’m not gonna hide the bad if it’s a big deal, but the little stuff can be left off the internet cause I don’t need to add to the negativity. The more I focus on the positive points in my life, the less you’ll see of any complaining which I know will be nicer to read- but more importantly, it’ll be healthier for me to not reiterate those feelings by bringing them up again to type out. So it’s a bit of a selfish post, but a happy change I’m excited to be making. That’s why I’m sharing these steps I’m taking with you all…

Fixing my skin/lips

Last year was tough for me mentally in large part because of how I looked physically. It was the first time I had dealt with acne that I couldn’t get rid of no matter what I tried. If any of you have been diagnosed with subclinical acne, you know the deal. I had to consult a dermatologist who finally saved my skin with prescription medications & topicals. I also was struggling with a persistent case of perioral dermatitis which made taking photos for Ipsy posts on here really hard for me to look at & generally I didn’t wanna take pictures of myself or with people at all. I had to switch to Vaseline only on my lips (no more BabyLips) & even started using a fruit-flavored non-fluoride toothpaste which I despise. It’s not completely healed/clear yet, but it’s worlds away (better) than it had been. I’ve been testing out this new lip balm from UZ that claims it’ll change your lips so you never have to use lip balm again *the dream* and so far I haven’t had any issues with it (so pray that continues). I know this is a superficial topic to start out my journey on, but I felt like I needed to share this as I’m sure a lot of others are going through something similar. Image is a big deal to some people & that doesn’t have to mean they care what others think, but how they themselves feel

Trying new things

I don’t like change. I find things that work for me & that’s what I stick to, but I’ve come to understand how stubborn that is of me but also how much I’m limiting my own happiness with that mentality. So I’m aiming to change that! I’ve collected a couple of the new things I’ve been trying to share them with you all today. Starting with a new round of personalized vitamins. I’ve had a subscription with this company before & ended up cancelling it to save some money. I ended up spending way more buying vitamins at the store lol I guess there’s a reason they’re successful. They’ve redesigned the way you pick your packs, so I got to rifle through all the vitamins they offer (that fit my profile after I completed the online quiz). I’m taking 2 in the morning & 3 at night including a digestive enzyme that I’m doing a month-long trial with to see if I’ll actually need to see a GI doctor out here or if I’m just missing something in my gut (hopefully the latter). In conjunction with my first section, I wanna take more selfies when I don’t feel like smiling or that I look my best…but just for me, not to share with the world ^ except for that one lol how brave! I also completely a few Skillshare worksheets that inspired this whole post after Rowena Tsai linked them in one of her Youtube videos. I saw a new doctor for my shoulder tendinitis & got my first massage ever in the same day? Yes, and gladly, they both went well. I’ll be starting physical therapy next week (might be going for more massages too, idk yet). Even silly little things like saying yes when Justin asks me to try driving his car ^ those photos are too funny & it’s something I normally would’ve missed out on had I held onto this bad attitude any longer. I’m letting it go (:

Setting goals & keeping them

A big stress for me is money, so I’m working on following my budget for 2020 and paying off my unsightly large amount of credit card debt. My savings is okay, but I’m always trying to add more in case of emergency. But we don’t wanna focus on the scary what ifs all the time, so I’m happy to say Justin & I have also made huge progress with our “trip savings” jar so we’ll be able to travel (if I can get the time off work) without putting it towards more card debt. I know I can stay more positive if I limit my social media intake to only *mostly* positive content. I’m unfollowing people who constantly complain, share negativity, etc. to cleanse my timelines across all apps. I’ve been consistently filling out my planner every night before bed as a sort of meditation while also the best way to keep track of my goals & acknowledging what I’m achieving (even the small things). I love the stickers in this book I found at Target, but I need more! Checking off my “notes” for the month one by one is so satisfying & really boosts my confidence that I can do more in the future. I’ve also found the app called Youper very helpful in tracking my moods ^ as you can see, I’ve had some ups & downs lately. It can be a great way to pinpoint what’s eliciting positive emotions or the other end of the spectrum. I’m using the free version, but they also offer more features for a membership fee. Let me know if you try it out for yourself + what you think!

That about wraps it up. I’m working harder everyday & taking the time I need to better myself. I hope this was at least interesting to read if not inspiring to you! Let me know your thoughts/goals in the comments (: thanks so much for reading & supporting me as you’ve given me a real reason to stay positive by following my blog xo

6 thoughts on “Rebranding me

  1. This is such an inspiration! We should all strive to be better and I, like you, am one of those people who’s always trying to improve themselves, trying to be more organized, to be better in general. Sometimes I fail miserably. It’s said and discouraging and embarrassing when we do but we’re strong and we have to pick ourselves right up and make a new plan. I used to feel down a lot because of social media. Everyone seemed to have a better home, a better skin, better clothes. And then I simply deleted the whole thing. Honestly I’ve never been happier. I don’t see things that put me down or make me feel less than, I don’t feel pressure to post or share, I don’t aimlessly scroll through Instagram when I could be doing something else. I understand it’s not for everyone and that some people really like social media but it was just what I needed and it changed my life for the better. And this is a long arse comment, sorry about that 😂 great post. Much love ❤️

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  2. I wish you all the luck with your goals hun, I’m also doing the same this year. I’m continuing with the positive and healthy attitude from last year and will try to focus on those things only this year. I think 2020 is all about positivity and happiness 🤗 xx

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    1. YAS! Getting a trend in our lives rolling just by starting with little things can be mountain-moving down the line, this is definitely one of those things. Positivity is a journey, and I’m really glad we’re on it together (: good luck to you too

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  3. You’re so pretty, and this post is definitely inspiring and motivational, thank you and a massive congrats to you for taking the time to improve your life in so many ways! Good for you! I love the sound of the Youper app too so I’m going to have to check it out! Thank you so much for sharing, and I’m wishing you all the best! I hope 2020 is your happiest year yet!

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