January fav0rites


It’s the last day of the first month of the year & you know what that means: time to share my favorites from January! I have a lot, so let’s just jump into them…

Stuff I’ve been up to

Justin being goofy & cute will always be my favorite ^ isn’t he adorable? Lol and I doodled up some more frogs playing instruments on my iPad this month. I started watching All American on Netflix & I’ve really been enjoying it- def recommend if you haven’t seen it! I also got my first haircut *just a trim* since May 2019. She had to take 3 inches off, but it feels so much nicer at the ends now. It looks uneven in the photo, but it’s just the weird way she parted my hair… I wanted to share a full week of mood tracking thru the Youper app cause I think it’s super interesting to see! My skin is gradually getting better which is making me more confident without makeup, but it’s still not exactly back to the clarity I (used to have) want. Progress is key ^_^

Food & drinks

I mashed fresh raspberries on waffles & added a little syrup, then sandwiched them. It was so yummy! Tried a new V8 drink that’s just like an electrolyte water with some subtle flavors. Snacked on some dried kiwis which were super sweet (: and found new sparkling bottled teas from Teavana *not as good as I hoped* and we have an addiction to these V8 energy juices, they’re perfect for a quick morning wake up!


I love love loved wearing the striped turtleneck with my uber-soft sweats, the comfiest outfit all month! I also paired this new striped dress with my cream cardigan, pink frilly socks, Coach loafers, and an itty bitty black purse. Felt very cute in this, so I’m glad I got to wear it out the one time we ventured out this month lol been working a ton & had some way-too-cold-to-do-anything days (:

Best buys

Here are some of my favorite purchases from January…obviously a ton of Target shopping! Got a new yoga mat so I could donate my old one that faded a lot & had some chipping in the foam. Lavender has been a favorite of mine for such a long time whether it be the scent, the color, the plant itself- so when I saw this wreath & fake basketed flowers, I knew I wanted to bring them home! We found candles that didn’t break the bank & Justin even proposed we rinse them out once they’ve burned all the way down so we can reuse them as little drinking glasses. They smell amazing & I adore the graphic designs on the exterior. Picked up a few randoms cause it’s Target which included finally finding a magazine holder (yay), a new fake plant (they really have the best looking ones that’re actually affordable), and a poem book. I had been contemplating buying one of Colourpop’s “Just A Tint” lip crayons, but I never trust the try-on photos on makeup websites…that’s when I found them in our local Ulta! I got to swatch a bunch & picked my favorite bricky red shade. It ended up being only $5 as I had some rewards points. I’d also been searching for a new piggy bank as the one I have is super old & the hollow legs always get coins stuck in them. When I saw that Amii Ceramics was making a bank, I immediately messaged her to ask if the legs were solid. She said they were, so I jumped on the preorder once it was listed on her site & I’m even more excited about this one because it’s handmade (and it’s a bear)! You’ve seen the new lip balm I got from UZ as I spoke on it in my Rebranding Me post about upgrading my skincare. But another favorite is their liquid eyeliner- I mentioned in my Ipsy post that I’m always searching for a better one, this one is spectacular. I’m obsessed with the wooden pencil shape to it while it isn’t actually a sharpenable eyeliner (:

I feel like all the faves here really show how I’m starting off 2020 as strong as I can. Positivity is spreading & blooming! I’m so excited for more months of new things to enjoy while also cherishing the stuff I’ve always had a soft spot for. Let me know in the comments what you loved this month & thanks again for reading, your support means the world to me xo

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