January’s n0tes


Welcoming February with open arms as January felt like an eternity & I’m grateful to be starting a new month…trying to keep up with completing 3 bigger goals each 30 days! I’ve been writing them in my planner just like last year, so I’d love to share them with you today (:

Watch the new season of Peaky Blinders

We got through it (of course) cause it’s so easy to binge watch Netflix & it’s only 6 hour-long episodes. We also found a cool book @ Target that I’m excited to dive into now that I won’t be spoiling anything! My pharmacist said she was NOT a fan of this most recent season, and I can totally relate. It wasn’t my fave at all, but I’m still really looking forward to what the following season has in store. Such a stunning show!

Keeping up with planning/making meals

Every week since just before the new year, Justin & I have been choosing 2-3 recipes from our previous meal subscription boxes to shop for and make that week. We’ve used the Wegmans app to make our shopping list & it’s made things super easy! We’re throwing out less food and definitely eating better than before. We still have nights when we just have a microwave meal or something quick, and obv we went out to eat for birthdays. The slow-cooker & George Foreman grill have been awesome (:

Schedule doctor’s appointment(s)

I was going to see a primary care for a check-up & a gastroenterologist to re-check my gluten sensitivity, but since I’ve been taking the digestive enzyme from my vitamin subscription box each night- I haven’t had any issues with food. I’ll keep up with that & decide later on if I want to still see a specialist. I didn’t end up going to a general doc, but my pharmacist recommended an orthopedic specialist that might know more about my shoulder tendinitis to be able to help me more than who I was seeing previously. He heard me out & seemed to really care about what I was going thru, that I just wanted relief. He gave me a referral to a physical therapist to attend sessions twice a week for 6 weeks. I’ve only got thru the first week & omg it hurts, but I’m really optimistic!

BONUS: fruit/granola bars

I used to make these at home with my mom. Justin & I picked out different ingredients for each of our bars! His included vanilla granola, almonds & cashews, pineapple, strawberries, and cranberries, plus coconut & peanut butter chips. Mine had ancient grain granola, mango, cherries, and apricots, plus sunflower/pumpkin seeds & mini chocolate chips. I liked both of them, they came out super yummy! It was cool to make the different ones cause they both had that trail bar vibe, but def two ends of the spectrum (if that makes any sense) LOL

I give myself an A+ for these notes! I’m gonna do my best to pick things that mean a lot to me, but also stuff I know I need to/can accomplish within 30 days. More fun stuff, while not forgetting the important tasks (: let me know in the comments if you have any ideas for me for bonus goals I can add to my notes in future months! I’d love to hear your feedback on this ^_^ thanks so much for reading, see ya Friday xo

5 thoughts on “January’s n0tes

      1. I would still recommend watching it cause I’m sure however many more seasons they make will be great, just a warning it’s definitely not my favorite so far lol


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