N0t quite puppy l0ve


I honestly wasn’t sure if I was even gonna be posting this tonight cause I reached max usage on my site which I didn’t even know was possible, so now I’m paying to add my photos…and it’s newly kittyp0p.blog *yay* To add to the disarray of today’s post, I didn’t have anything planned! So prepare your eyes to be dazzled with more lovely snapshots of the cuddly critters inhabiting our home because it’s Valentine’s Day (:


This little lump of coal has been really testing us lately with his crying & constant walking under our feet, but we love him too much to stay mad at him for anything long! He’s still kicking, although a little slower now. He’s been doing good at night on his medicine, but we’re taking him back to the vet next week for a follow-up. He seems to be losing weight & is starting to attempt eating things that aren’t food cause he forgot he’s been fed…poor buddy. He enjoys the hoodie we got for him & his fur is looking super fluffy after his bath this morning! The other day he hopped in the shower with Justin, so we figured he wanted to be washed (: his favorite snack is finely chopped raw potato, and he still tries to put his paws under the hall closet door to get to his giant bucket of treats lol

Fear & Misery

The dashing duo strikes again in these few photos we got after a quick tank cleaning. We found a cool piece to go in there recently, but Justin needs to sand some jagged edges on it down a bit before we add it to their space. We hope they’ll enjoy some fresh scenery & extra climbing space! They’re doing super well although not very active, but I think they’re just comfy (: we’re planning on giving them a calcium bath soon to boost their movement, give them some vitamin-fueled momentum lol

I know this was kind of a cop-out post since the pet photos are super repetitive at this point & honestly, I wish I did have something set up ahead of time for today…but the pictures I’ve been taking are all for upcoming posts, so as much as it saddened me to buy more space on here- I’m glad I’m in a position where that was an option! I love blogging & I would hate to stop sharing my photos because WordPress denies me space. My phone holds 512gb: I’m not going anywhere. So please have faith (and lots of patience) as I fumble my way to the posts I’m actually excited for cause I put the most effort into them. I’m praying they’ll make up for the boring filler I’ve been giving you guys this month- thanks so much for always sticking around (:

14 thoughts on “N0t quite puppy l0ve

  1. The pet photos are adorable🥰 I’m sure your future posts will be amazing, nothing boring here though 🙂 and it’s definitely nice that you were in the position to be able to upgrade right when an obstacle came.

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      1. Right, I bought the personal one which gives 3 more gigs. Since I’ve already taken up 3, I’m at half usage lol it would be nice if they added 3gb each month though…


      2. That’s what I’m shooting for haha just didn’t wanna put it on credit & been trying to reach my deductible for PT sessions has been draining my checkings quickly lol


      3. I took a few years to decide I wanted it, so take your time. I went through all the plans before it. I think there’s even another one above it now. E-commerce or something like that. Not sure what the point is when you can do an online store with the business plan too. 😅

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