February’s n0tes


Merry March! I hope you all enjoyed your Leap Day & are ready for this new month. I’m pumped to get started on my next goals, but first I’ve gotta share mine from February (:

Make an ultimate playlist on YouTube

Technically, I did, but it’s not quite finished. I’m going to add my favorite songs from all my CDs to this playlist in the future, but I wanted to mainly get the ball rolling last month cause it’s been something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. It’ll be even better now that I’ve picked up a few new CDs to listen to in my car!

Leave reviews for previous buys, etc.

This was also something I’d been telling myself I needed to do for a little while cause I know it helps out these businesses so much. I enjoyed going back to stuff I’ve purchased previously and come to love (:

Bonus: I got a VoxBox from Influenster so I was able to leave even more reviews!

Check more stuff off the tea list

I printed off this checklist from Simple Loose Leaf which is the subscription I get each month of tea samples. I checked off some things we’d already done in the new year, but wanted to make it a goal of mine to do more this past month. We did kickstart this note a little by going to our favorite tea shop downtown at the end of January. We also made a delicious tea blend at home with some loose leaves! I had my tea with just milk the other morning (just because it’s on the list), and now I’m certain I like it better with a splash of creamer lol and I reorganized all our teas, steepers, kettles, and accessories…

Looking back

February was a big month despite it being less days than others. I finally caved & paid for my blog so it’s officially official even got my own url now! It’s weird cause I never needed that, but I paid for more space so I can keep adding as many photos as I want to my posts (: hope you’re all enjoying them

I’m proud of myself for achieving these goals last month & even more excited for the ones I’ll be completing in March. Keep your eyes peeled for something special ^-^

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