I want my taxes back


Only 2 more weeks until the new Animal Crossing, are y’all ready? I’m so excited. Anyways lol happy Friday all. Despite the witty title, this haul was not where all my tax return went (but I did get myself some things I’d been needing). Without further ado- here’s my haul…

The shoes

Out with the old, in with the new! I got a fresh pair of work shoes to replace my worn down ones, some new chunky sneaks to take the place of the horribly uncomfortable ones I’d previously bought, and of course a crisp pair of NMDs to kick the torn & scuffed grey ones to the curb. It definitely felt good to restock my shoes, now my feet don’t hurt after work again! If you’re looking for sneakers that you can stand in all day: Ultraboost (the only shoes I’ve been able to find that don’t make my feet hurt after a full shift ~8 hours)

The bank

I’d been needing a new piggy (or in this case “chubby bear”) bank for a while since my old one kept getting coins stuck in the hollow legs *annoying* so when I saw Amii Ceramics had a new product like this ^ I was DMing her to preorder right away! He’s smaller than I expected, but loved all the same & already making lots of friends in our home. It fills me with joy to have handmade items that are art while also being useful/functional, and furthermore, I’m so proud to support the artists I adore (:

Watch bands

So happy to find these in Target ^ the brand is Heyday & since they aren’t Apple, they were completely affordable. I love the vastly different vibes these two give off. I can now wear my watch as jewelry when I’m not working and pair it with one of these depending on how it matches my outfit (very exciting for me for some reason). Plus, they’re awesome quality, I totally recommend them if you’re looking for new & funky bands!

Trying Dollskill

I had ordered a few super-cheap pairs of frilly socks from them late last year, but since then hadn’t actually tried their clothing…the ads obviously roped me in again & I ended up raiding the seemingly endless clearance section on their website. I got this glorious red velvet headband, an oversized tee from Samborghini (which has the best design), and some fun jelly shoes! The periwinkle pair came in the wrong size, but their super helpful customer service staff was quick to find the correct size in their inventory & I should be getting those in the mail early next week. Looking forward to wearing them all summer (:

Bonus: Dollskill let me keep the pair that were too small, so please leave me a comment if you wear size 38 and I’ll put you in the running for a special giveaway!

Hope you enjoyed this random haul, thanks as always for coming by. This was such a fun post for me cause of how much I love what I chose & all the cute outfits I get to create in the coming weeks/months/years or whatever! Retail therapy is real, so don’t be afraid to get rid of some old stuff & treat yourself (and have a great weekend) xo

6 thoughts on “I want my taxes back

    1. You like the periwinkle ones? If you’re a size 7US/38EU, I’ll send them to you for free! They came in the wrong size & the company let me keep the first pair when they sent my replacement haha

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