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Happy Friday the 13th all! Today’s post is centered around a bit of a spooky look that I really enjoyed putting on. So I thought I’d make it a full one by adding other photos of ways I love to primp when I have the extra time & pamper myself whenever I can (: hopefully it’s somewhat cohesive, but I hope it’ll be nice to read/look at as we end the week…

Nail care

I’ve been trying to keep my fingernails long for a while now & the nail strengthener I apply definitely seems to have helped to avoid breakage. I opted for a bright coral-y/orange lacquer to usher in spring & the warmer weather! I love how they look when they’re painted & long cause it makes them look professionally done (had a customer actually think they were fake). As for my toenails, they’d been severely neglected over the winter months & with open-toed shoe weather on the horizon, I took the time to get them back to tip top shape by clipping, filing, and painting them. A stark contrast to my hands, I kept the foot look dark with black toenails. I have a crack in my big toenail on my right foot, so I typically like a darker shade of polish that hides it well. Plus, I always keep the nails super short & I think deeper colors look so much better on stumpier nails! What’s your go-to color? (:

Creating a full look

It started with the nails, then blossomed into this fully warm-toned look that ranged from bright orange to the deepest plum/ruby color. I honestly love putting on makeup when I’m not working cause I never wear it to work. It helps keep a bit of creativity in my days off that sometimes get very boring from me just relaxing lol this look was a favorite of mine recently cause the headband I got from Dollskill just fit so well with the red sweater & dark lipstick shade! What do you think of these colors?

Tools of the trade

The flip side of this post is the bit of pampering I wanted to touch on. I adore surrounding myself with candles, calming scents, and soft things! I recently got a gel mask that goes in the fridge for a while & instead of wearing it over my eyes, I put it on my forehead if I get a headache. In my opinion, I feel cleaner, more refreshed when my brows are tweezed & trimmed (anybody else feel that way?). I also go for lavender-scented products to pamper myself cause it helps me relax even more while I’m taking care of myself. Monq released a few roll-on essential oil blends, so I snapped a photo of my faves along with a couple of their diffusers too ^ fuzzy socks are a must when you’re spending all day inside to get your self care on! Do you have a special outfit you always wear when you’re pampering? Let me know in the comments (:

Plant surroundings: live & faux

A great way to boost your mood is to be in nature or if you have horrid allergies, a black thumb, or an all-too-curious kitty…fake plants also bring a huge smile to my heart when I see them around our home. The ones we have are all from Target as we’ve found they look the most realistic while not being nearly as expensive as some other shops that stock fake plants. We have been getting a bit braver with our live plant collection lately as we’ve brought home a bundle of cacti from Home Depot including a prickly pear cactus, a hanging basket of “little pickles”, and some new tiny bois for the windowsill above our kitchen sink! With the warmer weather approaching, we’re hoping to keep them all alive as long as we can. We also popped over to our local nursery & picked out another hanging basket…there’ll be lots more photos from that visit in a future post (including the makeup look I created). Is there some type of decor in your home that truly brings you joy just to look at? I’m super interested in hearing about it (:

*those last two photos are some neck stretches I’ve been doing at physical therapy twice a week for the past 6 weeks & part of my at-home routine. I haven’t taken anymore photos of the exercises I do, but was wondering if you all would like to see a full post about everything I’ve been practicing to heal my shoulders? Def let me know in the comments & I can get started on something like that right away…

I know this post was a little all over the place, but I hope you still enjoyed the plethora of photos & just chill vibes of “taking care of yourself” commentary! Have a wonderful weekend (we’re only a week away from Animal Crossing) ^-^

14 thoughts on “Primp & pamper

    1. Ohhhh YAS! I have a nude polish that I adore, haven’t worn it in a while so maybe I’ll use that next (: idek how long it’s been since I went to a nail salon haha I feel ya!


  1. Your nails are amazing! I just got acrylics taken off and my natural nails are in bits now. I really need to get a good nail care regime going down to have long ones like yours! Also gel masks for headaches are the perfect life hack haha

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  2. That goth look is soooo nice!!! I love that it’s called Translyvannia! I wish I had a special outfit for pampering, that would just be perfection. Hello to your new cactus, it makes me want to get a cactus too but my plants never stay alive! I think fairy lights though cliche do bring me alota joy hehe! Yes I do want to see your pain management! These can be such issues! Do you have New Horizons!? Gosh! I wish I could play it too!

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    1. Thank you for this wonderful comment! I do like fairy lights a lot as well (: hopefully I can get a full post together about my physical therapy exercises, so thanks for your support & feedback on that idea ^-^ and yes, I’ve been playing nonstop while in quarantine haha

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