Fresh air


This post will be a stark contrast to one I’m planning for the week after next, but let’s first address the elephant in the room: my post schedule hit a snag with the release of the newest Animal Crossing game yesterday. I literally played it all day & didn’t even realize I’d forgotten to post until it was too late (after midnight). So I do apologize for my absence on my normal Friday, but today’s photos are sure to bring up the mood! Enjoy the fresh air ^-^

A trip to Maymont with mom & Steve

My mom & her boyfriend came out to see how our house is coming along, so we offered to take them for lunch in our area. It was such a beautiful day that we decided to have a walk around our favorite park too! It was such a lovely time with them (:

Blooms on the home front

We’ve been becoming more brave with expanding our live-plant family ^ our prickly pear cactus has even sprouted its first bud! We found tons of random daffodils around our front/side/back yards + found a second hanging plant that looks very similar to our first basket. Wish us luck that we can keep all of them alive (:

A very short & to the point post but I hope it was at least nice to look at if you’re quarantined in a place with bad weather or even if you’re sick & don’t feel like going outside anytime soon. Note: the photos from Maymont (with mom & Steve) were all taken at least a month ago. We have been isolating now since Monday…

7 thoughts on “Fresh air

  1. It’s lovely you guys were able to go out for a nice walk in the sunshine, before this lockdown happened. It’s definitely nice to look back at old pictures and reminisce, especially when you’re unable to head out. Hope you and Justin are doing well ❤

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  2. This was so refreshing to see!! I went on a walk yesterday and it’s great knowing that although many stores and indoor facilities have shut down – the natural world is still there. And sis you are slaying as usual – love this!!

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